Monday, May 2, 2016

Beauty without rules with MAKE

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Introduction of MAKE beauty and review of Alabaster Matte Finish Shadow and Taffy Lipstick

I love to discover new, unique beauty brands, and I was just introduced to a really cool one named MAKE. MAKE creates makeup and skincare products based on the belief that there should be no beauty rules. The brand encourages creativity, self-expression and personal experimentation with their unconventional range of colors and their buildable textures that can be used for subtle as well as high impact looks. MAKE also collaborates with creatives outside the beauty industry to create limited edition collections.

Friday, April 29, 2016

#FrenchFriday : the New Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss in 629 Mirrored (Review)

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New Dior-Addict Ultra-Gloss in 629 Mirrored: review, photos, swatches

Many moons ago the Dior Addict glosses were my favorite lipglosses. They were actually the first high-end glosses I ever bought and I had a small collection of fantastic shades. That was around 2007, but I still vividly remember each one of the colors I owned: my favorites were a pale shimmery pink with a green shift and a bold sparkly brown. At that time Dior glosses came with a dark blue top and a doe-foot applicator. I kept them for much longer than I should have, and I only parted with them when they started to smell like toxic waste...

The reason why I couldn't let them go was that my favorite lipgloss range had been ruined by a reformulation - in my opinion, at least. I can't remember what year exactly that happened, but gone were the bright and bold colors or the duo-chrome shimmers, all replaced by pinks, nudes and sheer shades that all looked the same on the lips. Sadness.

Since then I've always been looking for a similar range of glosses with pigmented shades, and although the YSL Gloss Volupté could be a good replacement, their strong mango scent puts me off. So when I saw that Dior was once again reformulating the range and launching the Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss, I got really excited! With the current trends favoring bold lips I had hopes the Dior glosses would be colorful and intense again. Let's see how if my expectations were met!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Travel: Exploring the Japanese San Francisco

Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

Let's do something a little different today with a travel post that I hope you'll enjoy. Don't worry, we'll talk about beauty too!
I live in San Diego but my in-laws are in Oakland, across the Bay from San Francisco, so I often spend time in the legendary Fog City and the Bay Area. During my last trip I decided to explore the Japanese landmarks to be found in San Francisco, starting with the Japanese Tea Garden in the Golden Gate Park, then heading to Japantown and the fun Japan Center mall. You could easily do both in a half-day if you have a car, but if you're on foot like I was and want to spend a little extra time wandering around in the Golden Gate Park, you can stretch this little itinerary to make it a day trip if you don't start too early.

Friday, April 22, 2016

#FrenchFriday : Summer 2016 Makeup Collections Roundup - Part I

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As summer is approaching most French beauty brands have released their summer 2016 makeup collections, and it's time for me to show you all the pretty stuff! Of course this year again summer collections are all about bronzer, sunkissed glow and juicy lips, but there are also a few surprises with unexpected themes. Today we'll take a closer look at what Lancôme, Dior and Yves Saint Laurent have to offer this season.

Lancôme: Summer Bliss

Lancome Summer 2016 Summer Bliss makeup collection

Lisa Eldridge's influence can clearly be seen in Lancôme's summer 2016 makeup collection. The celebrity makeup artist and creative director for the brand has curated a collection of playful, easy-to-wear products that's supposed to evoke a tropical jungle. Funnily enough the collection is called Tropical Daydream according to Nordstrom's website, but Summer Bliss on Lancôme's. I've had a chance to swatch most of the products so I'll give you my first impressions together with the descriptions. The collection includes:

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Review: tarte Double Duty Beauty Day/Night Eye & Cheek Palette in Star Power

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Review, photos and swatches of the Eye & Cheek Palette in Star Power from tarte's new Double Duty Beauty collection

I usually plan my beauty purchases long in advance and stick to my wish list - and my budget. But every once in a while I'll be strolling down a beauty store aisle, checking out the new makeup releases, and be so impressed by something that I'll buy it here and there. It's quite rare these days, but it happened a few weeks ago with a product from tarte's new Double Duty Beauty collection, exclusive to Ulta, the Day/Night Eye & Cheek Palette in Star Power. I swatched it and the shadows felt so buttery soft and looked like they would create such a perfect cool-toned smokey eye look that I had to get it. Was it as fantastic as it first looked? Let's find out:

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