About Moi

I'm Lulle, a 30-something French beauty-addict now living in Southern California. I spent the first 25 years of my life in my hometown of Lyon, France, before deciding that I should go on an adventure, and moved to Istanbul, Turkey where I spent 5 wonderful years. Just as I moved back to Lyon, I met a handsome American, and 3 years and a pair of Cartier wedding bands later, followed him to San Diego, California.

French beauty brands have been around me forever and I have a very personal attachment to some of them that my mom, my aunts or my grandmothers used when I was a child. Chanel No 5 will always be my grandma Colette's scent, and YSL Paris my aunt Pascale's. The first lipstick I ever owned was a Clarins, a coming-of-age gift from my aunt Fran├žoise. The scent of the apple shampoo Yves Rocher used to make is one of the most vivid memories of my childhood.

I'm not a native English speaker, but I've often been told that my English is good and asked how I learnt it so well, considering French people are notorious for having a thick accent. The answer is pretty simple: public school! That's where I got the basics, and then fluency came with constant practice. Having an American partner was helpful! I still make a lot of mistakes, although I try my best not to write in Frenglish. Feel free to let me know about my errors so I can correct them!

I have been blogging in French since February 2011, reviewing a lot of makeup and skincare products "made in USA" for my French readers since I moved West. I wrote my very first posts in English in 2011 for Temptalia as the official contributor for France. After a few months in SoCal, I decided to start blogging in English and share the best of French beauty brands, latest trends, and reviews of both high end and drugstore cosmetics with my new community.

For a media kit, email me at lulle@beaumiroir.com.