#FrenchFriday - Dior Holiday 2018 Highlighter: Rouge Blush Midnight Wish

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Are you ready for the holidays? I know it may seem a little early to start gift shopping for most of us, but the holiday makeup collections are already out! Let's jump right in with Dior's new holiday 2018 limited edition highlighter, the Rouge Blush Midnight Wish. Keep reading for a closer look.

Midnight Wish is the name of both the entire Holiday 2018 makeup collection by Dior and this particular highlighter. The theme of the collection, according to the brand, is founder Christian Dior's lucky star, so a lot of the products feature stars embossed on the powder or on the packaging. Besides the highlighter, it includes:
- two new 5 Couleurs eyeshadow palettes, Lucky Star in warm golden tones and Moonlight Glow in cool silvers and taupes,
- new shades of the Diorific Lipstick in its rounded golden tube,
- the Rouge Dior Bijou, the classic Rouge Dior lipstick in existing shades with a limited edition star adorned case,
- the adorable Diorific Vernis, the nail polish glass bubbles. There are also a number of gift sets and travel palettes.

I am calling the powder compact I'm showing you today a highlighter, because that's what I think most people would consider it to be. Dior, however, calls it a blush: Couture Colour Golden Shimmer Powder Blush, to be exact. And it is part of the Rouge Blush range, the new line of blush that the brand launched a few months ago and that I already reviewed.

What difference does it make? Well, it can be a bit confusing for users who are unsure how to apply it. Should you only dust it high up the cheekbones, or swirl it on the apples of your cheeks? I would say that it's up to you and depends on your skin tone. The Rouge Blush Midnight Wish is pigmented enough to show up on fair to light skin tones as a shimmery blush. But it could also be a gorgeous highlighter on deeper skin tones. And everyone could use it as a blush topper to add sparkles to a matte color.

The Rouge Blush Midnight Wish has a very pretty pattern of stars as well as the brand logo on the surface. It's not the first time Dior creates star-embossed powder products: back in 2013 they had a fall collection called Mystic Metallics with two 5 Couleurs eyeshadow palettes embossed with stars, Constellation and Bonne Etoile (see the former in this old post). Midnight Wish is rather loosely pressed, which is good because the powder picks up easily on any brush, but sadly the cute stars disappear really quickly!

The texture of this highlighter is silky soft and feels a smidgen powdery to the touch. It blends into the skin beautifully, so you can very easily build it up or diffuse it for a very light veil of shimmer. Midnight Wish is a little more sparkly in finish than the highlighters I typically go for: it doesn't contain chunky glitter at all, but you can see the very fine sparkles on the skin. If you prefer softer highlighters that create a subtle, smooth sheen without visible shimmer, that might be a bit too intense for you. On the other hand, if you find the typical high-end highlighter too weak, you might love the stronger shimmery shine.

The Rouge Blush Midnight Wish is a very warm shimmery gold with coppery tones. Right off the bat, I thought it would be too dark of a shade to work as a highlighter on my light skin tone. However I am able to use it as such if I apply it with a very light hand and buff until I only see a very soft veil of reflective shimmer - see the photo of me wearing it.

Wearing Dior Rouge Blush Midnight Wish very lightly on the cheekbones as a highlighter

But remember that it's a blush, so I can also wear it all over my cheeks for added color, warmth and sheen. The rather intense shine tends to emphasize texture a bit, so that's something to keep in mind if you intend to use it as a blush but have large pores or fine lines. I think Midnight Wish would also make a wonderful gold highlighter for medium to deep skin tones. It's quite pigmented, and the coppery warmth of the shade means that it will never look ashy.


The Rouge Blush Midnight Wish is a coppery gold highlighter with a soft texture that creates a strong, shimmery shine on the cheeks. I would most recommended it to people with medium to deep skin tones. If you are fair to light, you will have to apply it very lightly or use it as a blush - which it is intended to be.


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