#FrenchFriday : Guerlain Meteorites Electric Pearl for Holiday 2018

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One of the most exciting makeup launches of the holiday season is always the unveiling of the new limited edition Guerlain Météorites Pearls of Powder! This year's vintage is called Electric Pearl.  Keep reading to see them!

This year Guerlain celebrates the 190th anniversary of the brand, founded in Paris in 1828. The whole holiday makeup collection commemorates the event with lots of gold and twinkling sparkles. Besides the Météorites Electric Pearl, the collection includes a large eyeshadow palette with shimmery jewel tones, a shimmery version of the cult Terracotta bronzer, three new shades of the Rouge G lipstick, a luxe face powder called Ladies In All Climates inspired by a 19th century compact, a gold KissKiss lipstick, a new matte lip color and three shades of gloss.

Last year's holiday Météorites were rather disappointing if you ask me, so I was a little concerned about the quality of the 2018 edition. I'm relieved to say that they are much better, from the packaging to the effect!

The Météorites Electric Pearl come in a gold round metal box with a delicate fan pattern engraved on the side. The box is actually the exact same as the 2016 Météorites Perles de Légendes, but without any color or extra decoration on the lid. Unlike last year we get a full 25g of powder in the box, the same amount as the shades from the permanent range. All the editions of Météorites I have tried in the past came with a velours puff or sponge insert tucked under the lid that could not only be used to apply the powder, but that also kept the pearls from moving too much in the box. Surprisingly it's not the case this year, and without that usual protection a sparkly cloud of powder dust escapes every time I open the lid. I really hope Guerlain will re-introduce a puff or sponge in the next versions, it's a real necessity with these delicate pearls!

Electric Pearl on the foreground and Perles de Legendes in the back

I often have to explain what the Guerlain Météorites really are and what effect you can expect from them, because people are confused by the descriptions they find on retailers' websites. So you might have read here before that the Pearls of Powder are not a highlighter. Except that... I think this year's holiday edition can be categorized as one!

The Météorites Electric Pearl version is definitely much more shimmery than the permanent shades, and it adds visible sparkles to my skin. If I swipe it all over the face like I normally do I get a very luminous, almost dewy finish. From a normal distance you see the light being reflected but from up close you can see the individual glitter particles. With two layers on the cheeks I get the same effect I do from a regular highlighter, with a strong glow.

The Météorites Electric Pearl contain beads of powder in four different shades: white, beige, gold, and a deep coppery bronze. The permanent Météorites include pastel pearls to correct the complexion and blur imperfections, but as you can see the 2018 holiday edition does not. In fact, the overall color once I've swirled my brush in the box is very bronze-y, and on my light skin tone it adds a very visible warm tan to my complexion. Electric Pearl is definitely not the classic Météorites translucent finishing powder, on my skin it's basically a bronzer! For skin tones medium or deeper, it should work beautifully as a warm highlight.

With the bronze tint and sparkly finish, this Electric Pearl edition of the Météorites is certainly very different from the permanent shades (Guerlain has made more colorful or glittery versions in the past, like the Pearls Carousel, so this is not a complete surprise). I think that if you're looking for the soft blurring, subtle perfecting effect of the classic Météorites, the 2018 holiday edition won't be your thing. However if you like the idea of a shimmery bronze highlight, you might love it.

I really do like how Electric Pearl looks on me, although I have to apply it in a different way from what I expected. I can either dust it very lightly all over the face for a super glowy complexion with a soft sunkissed tan, or use it on the cheeks for a bronze-y highlight. In both cases the result is very luminous and radiant, and lasts all day.

wearing fotd motd full face photo
Wearing the Guerlain Meteorites Electric Pearl lightly all over the face and layered on the cheeks
(it's the only thing I applied to my cheeks)


This year's holiday edition of Guerlain's cult Météorites, Electric Pearl, is a shimmery bronze highlighter. It is much more sparkly and colorful than the permanent shades, but the effect is very luminous and adds a beautiful glow, with some visible glitter.


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