#FrenchFriday : Lancome Starlight Sparkle La Rose a Poudrer 2018

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Lancôme's La Rose à Poudrer is back! One of the most controversial makeup products of 2017, the rose shaped highlighter was re-launched in a new gold shade called Starlight Sparkle for the holidays. Is it worth splurging on this limited edition item? Keep reading to find out!

The 2017 pink version of La Rose à Poudrer took a lot of heat for a variety of reasons: too expensive, gimmicky, not shiny enough.... I happened to love it, take a look at my original post for all the details and why I thought some of the criticism was underserved. I have to give props to Lancôme for bringing it back despite the very mixed reviews it received the first time. You can't always please everyone, but it is a really unique product that some of us truly enjoy!

Starlight Sparkle, the holiday 2018 edition of La Rose à Poudrer, is a more festive version of the original rose: the round box has a beautiful sparkling ombré effect, and everything is gold and glittery. The highlighter itself, lightly coated on the fabric rose petals, is a classic neutral gold with visible sparkles.

While it is still extremely finely milled and soft, Starlight Sparkle highlighter is shinier and definitely less subtle than the original pink edition. Maybe Lancôme listened to some of the criticism and decided to bring back a bolder version. The gold highlighter looks smooth on my cheeks and doesn't emphasize my skin texture, creating a nice sheen with visible micro-glitter - instead of an icy natural glow like the pink one. It's still not a "blinding" highlighter, but it's certainly a stronger one. If you passed on the original Rose à Poudrer because you found the highlighting effect too weak, this one might work for you. On the other hand, if you stay away from sparkles on the cheeks, it might not be your thing.


This second shade of the stunning La Rose à Poudrer by Lancôme is likely to please makeup collectors and lovers of beautiful objects. The highlighter creates a stronger shine with tiny sparkles this year, so people who found the original pink too subtle might enjoy this Starlight Sparkle edition.


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