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powder brush duo fiber contour foundation concealer set cruelty-free synthetic hair

My first impression of BH Cosmetics brushes was excellent with their Crystal Quartz set that I bought a few months ago. Is the 5-piece Face Essential Set just as good? Keep reading to find out and learn how to get this set for free!

The BH Cosmetics Face Essential Brush Set contains 5 pieces: a powder brush, a duo fiber brush, a contour brush, a foundation brush and a concealer brush. All brushes are made of synthetic hair and are cruelty-free. Unlike larger and more expensive sets by the brand, it doesn't come with a pouch or brush holder. The brushes are just sent in a cardboard box. The set is priced at $12 on BH Cosmetic's website, but it's often on sale.

The brushes all have black handles (it looks and feels like painted wood) and orange gold ferrules. Overall they look nice and feel sturdy. The finishes, such as the BH Cosmetics logo printed on the ferrules, look really good for the price point. Overall the quality appears very satisfactory, there's nothing in this set that makes me think "cheap brush". Here are my thoughts on each brush in the set:

The Powder Brush at bottom and Duo Fiber Brush on top


This powder brush has super soft black bristles. The ferrule is pinched, giving it a flat base that tapers to a rounded top. I would say that it is quite dense but medium in thickness, and the bristles are very flexible. This brush is flatter and smaller than most powder brushes I own, so I think it's great for more precise application rather than dusting powder all over the face. I've used it to set my undereye area with powder and the shape was great for that. It could also be used for blush for a light and diffused application.


This round brush has shorter black hair and longer white bristles, both synthetic. The shape and size are very similar to the MAC 187. My 187 is many years old and in pretty bad shape now, so I'll replace it with this duo fiber brush. I like to use this type of brush with liquid foundations for an airbrushed finish. It works best with medium buildable foundations and hydrating formulas, creating a really natural skin-like effect. With full coverage foundations or formulas that are matte or on the dryer side, it can be a bit streaky (the same is true with the MAC 187). Compared to other dual fiber brushes, I think this one is nicely dense and soft, with white bristles that are a little more rigid which is what I expect.

From bottom to top: Contour Brush, Foundation Brush, Concealer Brush


This small, slanted brush with white bristles is super soft. It has a pinched ferrule so the base is flattened. It is quite small in size but rather dense. I think this is a multi-tasker that will work great for a lot different uses besides contouring. I've used it for precise application of blush and with subtle highlighters, and I was happy with how it performed in both cases.


This is your classic flat foundation brush with bristles cut in layers to give it a pyramid shape. I don't see people use this kind of brush much these days, as sponges have become the most popular tool to apply foundation. As far as flat foundation brushes go, I think it's a pretty good one. It's bendy but dense so it keeps its shape and doesn't make foundation too streaky. The pointy end can reach into the creases on the sides of my nose easily. It's best with creamy, thick formulas that you need to spread across your skin, like stick foundations.


Again this is a classic small flat concealer brush, like a miniature version of the foundation one. The bristles are rather rigid although soft. It works pretty well for spot concealing or to stretch a thick concealer formula under the eyes (I would then use another tool or my fingers to blend). You can also use this brush for detailed application of shimmery eyeshadows, in fact it's perfect for shadows you need to use wet for more payoff and shine.


The BH Cosmetics Face Essential 5-Piece Brush Set is a solid set with five basic but versatile brushes to apply makeup to your face. The quality is very good and so far they haven't shed or lost their shape after being washed. I think that for $12 (or under if you get it on sale) it's a great value, especially for a beginner. It would make a great stocking stuffer for people who are just starting with makeup or don't own good brushes!


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