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When Dior said they were reinterpreting their iconic Dior Rouge lipstick for a new generation, I was intrigued. When they promised 12-hour wear and hydration with the new formula, they got my undivided attention! I bought two shades of the new Dior Rouge Ultra Rouge lipstick (can we say rouge one more time?) as soon as it launched, the nude Ultra Tender (325) and the bold red Ultra Feminine (863). Keep reading to see how they look and perform!

It's always a big deal when Dior releases a new lipstick, but this time I feel like the brand really went all out to launch the Ultra Rouge. There's a dedicated section on their website, a bunch of promotional videos, an interview of Peter Philips, Dior Makeup's creative director, and a short film with Natalie Portman. Who wouldn't want to look like her?

The tube of the new Ultra Rouge lipstick is identical in shape to the classic Rouge Dior, but it's a bold red instead of the usual deep blue. It's certainly striking! The shape of the bullet itself is also different: instead of your typical wide stick that's tapered at the top, the Ultra Rouge is thinner and completely round. It does contain a tiny bit less product: 3.2 g instead of 3.5g.

red lipstick tube

The Ultra Rouge comes in 26 shades: there's a black and a white (Ultra Night and Ultra Light) meant to mix with other shades in order to darken or lighten them; four hero reds that the brand is promoting specifically (Ultra Dior, Ultra Love, Ultra Shock and Ultra Star, all with different undertones); and a selection of pinks, nudes and dark vampy shades. I think that the shade range is currently heavy on the reds, which makes sense for this lipstick, but I'm sure they will eventually expand it.

A few of the shades in the Dior Rouge Ultra Rouge lipstick range. From left to right:
Ultra Dior (999), Ultra Feminine, Ultra Daring, Ultra Lively, Ultra Mad, Ultra Tender, Ultra Lust

I chose two polar opposites in the shade range:
- 325 Ultra Tender, a light to medium beige with peachy undertones. It's a beautiful nude on my skin tone because it's not too light, so it doesn't wash me out. I think it plays well with my complexion, and it's pretty close to the perfect easy, everyday neutral I've been looking for.
- 863 Ultra Feminine, a bold, dark red with cool undertones. It's not so blue-toned that it leans pink, it's more of a deep red bordering oxblood. That one is my favorite type of red, and I think it might become my go-to red lipstick! I just love how this rich color is fierce but not loud, and it makes my eyes look greener by contrast.

Dior Rouge Ultra Rouge lipstick swatches: Ultra Feminine at bottom and Ultra Tender on top

Dior claims that the new Ultra Rouge is a revolution in the history of lipstick because it combines a lightweight, hydrating formula with saturated colors and a 12-hour wear. I don't know about a revolution... but I can confirm that all these promises are kept - maybe not 12 hours depending on the shade, but it wears longer than any classic bullet lipstick I own.

Let me give you more details about my personal experience starting with the application. At first the shape of the bullet threw me off... Have you noticed how most lipsticks that are completely round like the Ultra Rouge are usually gel formulas? This is true for many brands, including Dior - think about their Dior Addict lipstick. I'm so used to it that I expected the same glide here. But the Ultra Rouge is definitely not a gel texture, so it's not as slippery as I anticipated (that's one major difference between this one and the Dior Addict Lacquer Stick, besides the finish and wear).

Not to say that it's tugging or skipping, but it feels more like a classic creamy formula, not something that melts and becomes almost liquid on your lips. Being creamy doesn't make it heavy however: it is very lightweight, just as Dior promised. It's the kind of lipstick I can forget I'm wearing because I don't really feel anything on my lips.

The color payoff from the Ultra Rouge lipsticks is fantastic. I get opaque coverage in one swipe, and the colors are rich and vibrant. Ultra Tender, although it's a nude that's not very far in depth from my natural lip color, is very pigmented. Ultra Feminine is crazy saturated, and it's a beautiful luminous shade. Dior calls the finish semi-matte, I would say that it's more of a satin right after application, and it becomes more matte as it wears.

wearing dior ultra tender lipstick motd full face fotd makeup look
Wearing Dior Rouge Ultra Rouge Lipstick in Ultra Tender

I get a tiny bit of color settling into my biggest lip lines with Ultra Tender, but it's not visible from a normal viewing distance, and it goes away if I rub my lips together. I haven't noticed that with Ultra Feminine, and neither bleed or feather past my lip line. I don't use a liner (personal preference) but I draw the edges of my lips with a brush with Ultra Feminine to get a clean line.

wearing dior ultra feminine lipstick fotd motd full face
Wearing Dior Rouge Ultra Rouge Lipstick in Ultra Feminine

The Ultra Rouge is not a formula that sets so there is some transfer of color while I drink and eat. The upside is that it feels very comfortable on my perpetually chapped lips, and it doesn't emphasize existing dryness. In fact I find it quite hydrating - not quite as nourishing as a balm, but my lips feel moisturized all day.

Because this lipstick lasts ALL day long. Dior wasn't joking about the long-wearing formula! Claiming 12 hours seems a little extreme, especially for the lighter colors: I can't say that Ultra Tender is still very visible on my lips at the end of the night, but it does go through the day looking just as fresh. Ultra Feminine, however, does last through meals and beyond (tested through a Thai dinner of fish curry and Pad See Ew!). It stays on so well that I have to use a special makeup remover before going to bed, and my lips are still stained pink in the morning!

luxury high end lipstick french brand beauty makeup


I'm really in love with the new Ultra Rouge lipstick formula! I love everything from the bold yet elegant red tube, the vibrant, saturated colors, the hydrating texture, and of course the all-day wear. I think Dior really hit it out of the park with this launch!


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