#FrenchFriday : New Dior Addict Lacquer Stick Review

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Dior loves to launch new lip colors or reformulate existing lipsticks: we got a revamped Dior Addict line in 2015, a reformulated Rouge Dior last year, and now it's time for a newcomer, the Dior Addict Lacquer Stick. It replaces the Dior Addict Extreme, discontinued recently, that I liked quite a bit. Is this one just as good? Let's find out!


The tube of this new Dior Addict Lacquer Stick is very similar to the Dior Addict Extreme: the lipstick is housed in a silver barrel that disappears into a square plastic tube, made of a black inner container encased in clear plastic with a pink tint. It's pretty simple, elegant, and it feels luxurious.

And can we talk about the holographic cardboard box the lipstick comes in? I don't keep outer packaging because I just don't have enough space, but it's so mesmerizing to watch the colors change when you move it!

Indie Rose LA Pink


This Lacquer Stick is Dior's own version of Chanel Rouge Coco Stylo: a lipstick in such a soft, buttery texture that it melts on the lips to turn into a gloss - Dior calls that "lip fondant" effect. It's not quite as soft as Chanel's Stylo, so it's a tad less intense in one swipe, but it's also more solid and less prone to breaking and falling apart (read my review of the Chanel Rouge Coco Stylo to see what I'm talking about).

There's a sort of coating on the surface that is a little harder, but it was eliminated during the first use, and application after that always yielded a very glossy, intense result. It's also rather slippery and it does transfer, so it really looks and feels like an opaque gloss or shiny liquid lipstick (or lacquer as the name suggests), except that it's not sticky at all. It looks almost wet, but it doesn't bleed outside my lip line.

I found it very comfortable on the lips, although not particularly moisturizing. It didn't dry my lips out at least! Dior claims that it lasts for 6 hours and yeah, no. Maybe if you didn't eat or drink anything during that time? It transfers on cups and mugs, and being slippery it can move around if you rub your lips together a lot. I drink tea all day long, and I need to reapply after 3, 4 hours max if I want to keep it at full intensity as it doesn't leave a stain when the shine wears off.

LA Pink Indie Rose
Left: LA Pink - Right: Indie Rose

LA Pink Indie Rose swatch


The new Dior Addict Lacquer Stick comes in 18 vibrant shades divided in 4 categories: Pastel, Neon, Classic and Wild, all inspired by the West Coast and Los Angeles in particular. The shade selection might be different outside of the US (I've seen swatches from Europe with shade names I can't find here) and there are already some limited edition shades available!

The colors are intense, semi-opaque in one swipe and buildable to fully opaque. They really pack a ton of pigment, despite their very thin, wet texture! Let take a closer look at the shades I bought.

         - Indie Rose

This is a limited edition shade, although I can't tell you if it's part of a larger seasonal collection or not. I just found it online and grabbed it!

Unfortunately, I'm just not happy with it. While the texture feels luscious and lovely, it catches on dryer areas of my lips and makes them look flaky. I tried exfoliating and applying a balm before using it, but it still emphasizes dryness really badly.

And that's not all, this neon coral pink (why on earth is it called "rose"??) doesn't want to apply evenly. Even layered it always ends up patchy with areas that remain sheer, and that's not a good look for such a bright color. You can see that a little bit in the closeup picture. I would not recommend this particular shade, in fact I'm planning to return it.

Wearing Indie Rose fotd motd full face picture

Looking a little patchy.
The full face picture gives a more accurate view of the actual color

         - LA Pink

Part of the Classic category, this shade is a keeper! It's a neutral rose shade, very flattering on my light, warm skintone. It's sophisticated but not too bold, I really like to wear it.

The color coverage is fully opaque when built a little bit and looks perfectly even. It didn't emphasize the dryness of my lips at all. This shade might not be as unique or fun as Indie Rose, but the overall quality is much better! This is a color I can totally recommend.

Wearing LA Pink fotd motd full face picture

LA Pink lip swatch


The new Dior Addict Lacquer Stick is a lipstick you will love if you enjoy vibrant, intense colors and a super glossy, wet effect for spring/summer. The formula feels like a lip lacquer, without the stickiness. Based on my experience, I would suggest checking the shades you like in store before buying if you can, since the quality seems to vary a bit.

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