#FrenchFriday : Dior Rouge Couture Colour Lipstick in Saint Germain, a daring nude for spring

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Dior loves to reformulate their signature lipstick, the Rouge Dior: I have seen at least 4 different versions since I started following the brand. The latest relaunch in September 2016 features a formula enriched with skincare ingredients to pamper the lips, including mango butter and hyaluronic acid. Faced with a difficult choice among about 50 shades designed by Dior's creative director Peter Philips, I picked 414 Saint Germain, in the Natural Nudes category. Let's take a closer look!

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The tube of this new Rouge Dior version has been modernized and simplified, with a deep blue smooth exterior and Dior's signature cannage embossing only visible on a silver ring around the middle. The inside of tube is now red!

Have you noticed how makeup shades created by luxury brands can sometimes be very hard to describe? At the drugstore, it's usually pretty simple: you have red, fuchsia, cool pink, beige, and that's about it. But with a brand like Dior, there are 11 shades in the Natural Nudes category, all with a slightly different undertone, intensity or finish.

Saint Germain (414) is one of these hard-to-describe shades: it's rose, but it's beige, but it's rather deep, but it turns very peachy on me. I would call it a medium, warm rose nude. It looks very pink when I swatch it on my arm, but the warm, peachy undertone really dominates on my lips. It also tends to look very different depending on the light, warmer in sunlight, more neutral and deeper in artificial light.

However you want to describe Saint Germain, it's a very flattering shade for my skin tone: it's neutral yet bold, not too pale so it doesn't wash me out but not so deep that it attracts all the attention. It's a perfect shade for those work days when you don't really want to make a statement, but don't want to be transparent either.

The formula feels fantastic on the lips: it glides effortlessly during application, leaving a comfortable layer of opaque color in one swipe. The pigmentation is fantastic, with intense and pure color payoff. The finish of Saint Germain has a subtle, flattering shine, just what I would expect from a satin lipstick (there are also matte shades in the range).

Dior states that the Rouge lasts 16 hours, a claim that borders insanity, and Saint Germain definitely does not last all day on me. It goes away with a meal, which is not unexpected for a satin formula, so I have to re-apply after lunch and expect some transfer. While it lasts, it feels rather hydrating and does not emphasize flaky areas or lines.

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If you feel like splurging on a high-end lipstick, the Dior Rouge Couture Colour formula won't disappoint! With the latest reformulation, it's even more comfortable and hydrating than before. With 11 shades in the Natural Nudes category, there is a perfect neutral for everyone, and I've found mine in Saint Germain.

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