Astrology by Bite Beauty: Taurus Lipstick Review

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It's not the first year Bite Beauty creates a new limited edition shade of lipstick every month, but I think it's the first time the colors are inspired by the Zodiac. I'm a Taurus so I decided to grab the shade created for my astrological sign, especially since I could get it during the 15% off Sephora sale a couple weeks ago. Unfortunately it's already sold out, but if you want to see what it looks like, keep reading!

Like the rest of the Astrology collection, Taurus is an Amuse Bouche, Bite Beauty's most popular lipstick formula. I've tried a few Amuse Bouche lipsticks before (in fact I even created my own shade!) and this one has the same matte black tube, soft creaminess, comfortable satin finish and lemony scent as the permanent range. The Amuse Bouche is a great formula if you ask me, and the fact that all the ingredients are food grade makes me want to get more shades - considering the amount of lipstick I eat together with my meals, it's probably a good idea for me...

Taurus is an interesting shade: it's a muted mauve-y pink nude, and I think it will look very different on different people depending on their complexion. On me the pink comes through more than I expected, but I can imagine it look a lot more mauve or more nude on different skin tones. I thought I might have shades very similar to Taurus in my lipstick collection with Bite Beauty's Movember or MAC's Hot Chocolate, but both are completely different. Movember is much more plummy and warm, while Hot Chocolate is considerably darker and more brown. Taurus is definitely the lightest and pinkest of the three.

From left to right: Bite Beauty Taurus, Bite Beauty Movember and MAC Hot Chocolate

Just as I expected from an Amuse Bouche lipstick, Taurus glides beautifully on the lips and coats them in opaque color in one swipe. It feels really creamy but not too heavy, and it's pretty easy to apply precisely without the need for a lip liner. One thing I noticed is that it has a tendency to sink into lip lines a bit, an issue I didn't experience with other shades of Amuse Bouche in the past. It's nothing major and pinching the lips together is enough to solve the problem for me.

Wear time is average for a classic satin lipstick. It transfers on cups and disappears with a meal, otherwise it stays put but doesn't stain. It remains creamy and comfortable throughout the wear.

Wearing Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Taurus


If you are a lipstick lover and like to collect limited editions, I think it's well worth getting an Amuse Bouche lipstick from Bite Beauty's Astrology collection. Just be prepared: they're Sephora exclusives and they usually sell out the day of their release, often in the morning! I believe that they become available on the 20th of each month, but you should double-check with the brand if you don't want to miss a shade.

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