MAC Hot Chocolate Lipstick - Après Chic collection

I only bought one item from MAC limited edition collections since Heavenly Creature last summer, and that's Hot Chocolate. That should tell you how much I loved the color when I saw the first swatches. I have to say it's even more beautiful and sultry in person! 

This is a perfect shade for fall and winter, when you leave bright and sheer lips behind and embrace the season with deep, bold shades. It's a mix of brown and plum with a satin finish and a creamy feel. It has the perfect amount of each color: it's not too brown, so it doesn't look old-fashioned, and it's not too purple either, so it's not really a statement lip color. It's surprisingly wearable on my light skintone for such a deep shade! It does look like a good cup of rich hot chocolate, the kind I liked to sip in ski resorts on sunny patios while everybody else was out skiing (I hate skiing. No, actually, skiing hates me). 

Direct sunlight / shade

I think it tends to emphasize lip texture and fine lines within the 1st hour after application, so you'll want to make sure your lips are perfectly soft and moisturized before wearing it. After a while, it kind of smoothes out and any dryness looks less harsh. It lasts forever on my lips. It fades slowly but wears for a solid half-day before I feel the need to re-apply. It's also very comfortable to wear and slightly moisturizing. 

Direct sunlight/indoors

Overall, I love this lipstick! I think it can work on a variety of skin tones, since it's not too cool (I can see a little red in the shade in direct sunlight), and not too vampy on light skin. I can see this work wonderfully on deeper skin tones too! 

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