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Are you a Dior addict? Do you get excited for their new releases? I have been a loyal customer of the brand for over 10 years, so when they launched a line of blushes inspired by their iconic Rouge Dior lipstick, I was intrigued. I bought the new Rouge Blush Couture Colour in Actrice (028), and I'm ready to share all my thoughts about it with you.

First of all, let me go back in time: the Rouge Dior was the first high end lipstick that I ever bought for myself in the mid 00s, in the shade Brun Award, followed by many more. It has been reformulated a few times since then and the tube has been altered ever so slightly - I kept them all in my collection so I can easily compare and see the evolution of the design - but it has remained, in my opinion, one of the best lipsticks you can find at the department store. The formula is very comfortable and long-wearing, and the colors are beautiful.

Here's one thing that, for me, makes Dior stand out from many of the similarly priced brands: the shades in their Rouge Dior lipstick line are really well thought out. They don't just make a bunch of pinks and a few nudes and a couple reds and a coral plus some plums. Every shade is special and has the right undertones, the right amount of depth, the perfect level of saturation to be the best version of itself it could ever be. I don't think they take so much care creating the shades of all their lip products, but they certainly do with the Rouge Dior.

So the news of a blush line inspired by the beautifully curated Rouge Dior shades made me salivate! The range is currently relatively small with 9 colors, most created to match one of their popular lipstick shades (I have seen promotional pictures featuring more shades, but they are not currently available in the US as far as I can tell). The Rouge Blush colors are not completely identical to the lipsticks they are named after, but rather inspired by them. There's a dark red called 999 (Dior's iconic classic red), a bright pink named Miss, and among others, the one I bought called Actrice.

I don't own Actrice the lipstick, so I can't say how it compares. Actrice, the blush, is a bright pink coral with cool undertones and very fine golden shimmer. In the pan it looks vibrant to the point that it has an almost neon quality to it! Fortunately it doesn't look that bright on the cheeks. The buildable pigment makes it easy to control and I can get a very soft, cool coral result, or layer it for a more intense coral pink.

swatch dior Rouge blush actrice 028

This color is quite unique in my blush collection: I have a lot of warm peachy corals, a few cool pinks, but no similar cool toned pink coral. I thought it might be very close to Benefit's Galifornia, but although they look almost identical in the pan, Galifornia applies pinker, darker and even cooler. Actrice is a bit more balanced and I find the formula easier to build and blend.

cool toned coral blush high end

The Rouge Blush range comes in different finishes, from matte to satin and shimmer. This one is more of a luminous satin, with the fine golden shimmer creating a soft sheen on the skin. When I use it on top of a dewy foundation I find that I can skip highlighter completely, as it provides enough of a subtle glow for my liking.

My Rouge Blush feels incredibly finely milled and soft to the touch. As I mentioned the pigmentation is medium and buildable, rather than completely opaque in one swipe. I find that it blends with ease and fuses with my skin so there is no visible powderiness, as it's completely weightless. The blush has a slight perfume-y scent in the pan that I don't detect while I'm applying it. Wear time is excellent: I wore it while testing a few new foundations and it lasted longer than several of them!

wearing fotd motd
Wearing new Dior Rouge Blush Couture Colour in 028 Actrice


If you are a fan of the Rouge Dior lipstick or if you like the idea of a buildable blush formula in unique, carefully selected shades, I think you would enjoy the new Rouge Blush. After Actrice I'm tempted to try Charnelle and Hologlam!


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