#FrenchFriday : Dior Holiday 2017 Diorific Khol Powder Lipstick

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Welcome to Episode 2 of our series on limited edition holiday lipsticks by French makeup brands! After Chanel's very red Numéros Rouge last time, we'll take a closer look at Dior's new Diorific Khôl Lipstick today. This series is a trilogy so come back for the Return of the... I mean YSL holiday lippie next week. But without further ado let's focus on this unconventional Diorific!

In the past few years Dior has routinely released lipsticks in the Diorific formula for the holidays - did you know it used to be part of the permanent line before the Dior Rouge launch many years ago? In that regard, the Diorific Khol Lipstick is very traditional with its hefty gold tube in a sort of hourglass shape. If I remember well the tube used to be metal back in the day, but now it's made of plastic. It still looks and feels high-end, so you're likely to enjoy it if you're into shiny gold packaging.

What makes the Diorific Khol Lipstick different and unique is the unusual shape of the stick itself: a rounded square with a pointed tip. I can't recall ever seeing this type of bullet shape for a classic lipstick in a tube. It kind of looks like a hybrid between a regular lipstick and a lip crayon - or a khol for lips as Dior describes it.

The pointed tip is supposed to make precise application a breeze, but is it really useful? Well, yes and no. While it does help apply the lipstick more precisely than a classic rounded bullet, it's not sharp enough to create a crisp line. With Intense Garnet, the bold red I bought, clean edges are a must so I have to use a brush to smooth out the contour of my lips. And of course the tip gets dull after a few uses, so the benefits will be lost rather quickly.

pointed tip

Dior calls the Diorific Khol a "powder lipstick" and describes its finish as a powdery, velvety matte. I find that interesting because it's not exactly my experience! For me the texture is velvety alright but has more of a satin finish with a subtle sheen. It becomes more matte as it wears off, but it's definitely not a "powdery matte" right off the tube. I find that I need to blot with a tissue to get the finish I expected based on the brand's description. Blotting takes away the sheen but the color remains just as bold.

wearing intense garnet fotd motd
Wearing Dior Diorific Khol Powder Lipstick in Intense Garnet
(here I did not blot after application)

The Diorific Khol is scented with Dior's signature rose fragrance - it's rather strong when I sniff the tube but I don't smell it on my lips. The texture is extremely thin and lightweight, very pigmented and smooth. I really don't feel it much on my lips, it's quite comfortable for a semi-matte lipstick! It's rather unforgiving on existing dryness, so I have to prep my lips well to remove any flaking, but I don't find it drying throughout the wear.

Talking about the wear, this is where I've had a few issues. If I don't blot after applying, leaving the initial sheen intact, the lipstick is prone to moving around and feathering outside my lip line. I've had to keep cotton swabs in my purse to clean up the edges when I wear it. On the other hand if I blot there's much less transfer, less bleeding and less gathering into lip lines. It doesn't become budge-proof but it's a lot less messy. The color itself stays put quite well throughout the day, but you really have to keep an eye on it!

I purchased the Diorific Khol lipstick in the shade Intense Garnet. I thought it would be a deep red, but it's actually a bright blue-based raspberry red. It's not what I expected based on the name, but it's a stunning, vibrant color, the kind that brightens up your whole face when you wear it! It's in the same family of shades as the Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet no2 that I showed you recently, but more vivid and saturated. Intense Garnet is definitely my favorite of the two!

swatch of 751 intense garnet

It also comes in a few other interesting colors, including a deep purple:

swatch vibrant tourmaline pure topaz deep ruby bold amethyst
Swatches top to bottom: Bold Amethyst, Deep Ruby,
Vibrant Tourmaline, Pure Topaz


Dior's Diorific Khol Powder Lipstick is no powder, but it's an unusual lipstick that comes in beautiful vibrant shades. I absolutely love wearing Intense Garnet, although it's a rather high-maintenance color. I would not recommend it to beginners or people who want a "slap it on and forget it" kind of lipstick due to the feathering issues I've encountered, but experienced lipstick lovers would enjoy the bold shades and velvety smooth texture. I'd suggest blotting, whatever your level of lipstick application skills, to reduce the bleeding problem.

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