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Chanel is above the cycle of seasons. Or that's what you'd think based on the fact that the luxury brand abandoned any reference to seasons, or holidays, when launching new makeup collections a few years ago. Being unaffected by the passage of time sounds really classy, but it can make it a little hard for us customers to understand what exactly Chanel has created for the holidays. Considering the timing of the launch, I think the Collection Libre Numéros Rouges (literally "free collection red numbers") qualifies as a holiday collection. It's all about about the perfect red!

The Numéros Rouges collection contains a handful of items, from nail lacquers to blush, but the stars of the show are the four limited edition Rouge Allure lipsticks. They're all red, but different shades of red, with subtly different undertones. 2 of them are the creamy and luminous classic Rouge Allure formula, while the other 2 are in the matte Rouge Allure Velvet finish.

They don't have names, just numbers (which makes them very hard to find using search engines, for example on retailers' websites, but you know, Chanel is above that too): no 1 is a true red satin, no 2 a matte raspberry red, no 3 a matte brown red, and no 4 a satin orange red. There's just enough variety here so everyone can find their perfect red, the one that's as essential to a woman's style as a little black dress. I picked no 2, the one with subtle cool blue undertones, because I love a good pinkish red. By the way "no" is just the short for numéro, like you would use "#" in American English, so you should pronounce it "number 2" - or "numéro deux" if you want everyone to know you took French in high-school.

If you are familiar with the Rouge Allure Lipstick, you know that it comes in a black case. These limited edition Numéros Rouges lipsticks, however, come in an exclusive red lacquered case. When you push the Chanel logo on the back of the tube, the lipstick pops out of the metal case. It's beautifully made and absolutely gorgeous. As far as I know this is the first time that Chanel ever made a limited edition packaging for their lipsticks. If you know any makeup collector, they'd be really excited to receive one as a gift!

No 2 is a Rouge Allure Velvet, with a very natural soft matte finish. The cool, pinkish undertone is very subtle: this is really a red, not a "pink red" as the official description of a raspberry red might lead you to believe. It feels incredibly lightweight for a matte lipstick, yet it doesn't have the gel-like consistency that's common in recent lipstick formulas. It's just a very thin texture that feels neither creamy nor slippery.

no 2 swatch

The color is rich and vibrant, however the pigmentation is not completely opaque, unless you build it in a few more swipes. I do find that it shows sheer areas if I rub my lips together, so I try to be mindful of that. With such a bright color precise application is key for a good result, and the classic shape of the bullet doesn't allow much control in my opinion. I get the crisp edges I want with a lip brush, and the color doesn't bleed or feather after application.

wearing full face picture fotd motd

Being a classic lipstick, no 2 transfers throughout the wear. However the color stains the lips and offers a solid 4-5 hours of wear time before I feel the need to re-apply. I find that it keeps looking fresh as long as I don't eat a whole meal.


The Numéros Rouges limited edition lipsticks would make perfect gifts for makeup collectors or beauty lovers in general. The exclusive red case is completely unique for Chanel and that tube alone makes them very desirable items. Besides, there's the right shade of red for everyone!

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