#FrenchFriday : Dior 5 Couleurs in Dream, an all matte eyeshadow palette put to the test

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When Dior launched their new, reformulated 5 Couleurs eyeshadow palettes earlier this year, now called High Fidelity, I was surprised that they chose to create some all matte shadow combinations. Dior's eyeshadow palettes have been a bit hit and miss in the past few years, with some great quints and some more disappointing palettes. I was very curious to see how well the brand could do an all-matte palette, so I bought the beautiful rosy Dream. Is it really a dream or a matte nightmare? Let's find out?

First, let's talk about the colors in Dream. It tends to look very cool in the pictures I had seen on retailer's websites, but it only contains one truly cool-toned shadow, the central diamond one. Here's what the palette includes starting at the top left:

- a mid-tone rosy, muted shade that works very well in the crease;
- a pale petal pink that's best used on the brow bone or as a blending shade to diffuse any other color;
- a muted gray with lilac undertones, the one in the middle. This shade in a matte finish is definitely unique in my collection;
- a medium-deep muted rosy plum with brown undertones;
- a dark plum, also with brownish undertones.

The colors work beautifully together to create a moody, muted smoky look that's perfect for the cooler season.

On to the texture, which is where some Dior palettes have sometimes been lacking in the past. The shadows in Dream are incredibly soft to the touch. When I swatch them it really feels like caressing silk, especially the pale pink, lilac grey and dark plum. The other two are very finely milled and soft as well, but just a little less so I don't feel like rubbing them all over my body as much.

The consistency is very thin yet absolutely not powdery. They're not these stiffer mattes that go on patchy, nor are they the super dusty ones that kick up a ton of excess powder and sheer out on the lid. They're done just right, and they apply surprisingly easily for such a thin, lightweight matte formula. They blend beautiful and seamlessly into each other for an even veil of color.

The formula has a nice, buildable amount of pigment. They're not in your face opaque in one swipe, but you can definitely get there if that's what you want. They layer well for a dramatic look : I've done a smoky eye with the dark plum all around my lash line and the medium rosy plum blended on the lid, and that was definitely a high impact look!

You can tell how soft these shadows are by the way they look!

I don't have any fall out when applying them except with the darkest color. With that one, I'd suggest to build it up slowly, it's pigmented enough that you need very little anyways. The first time I used it I picked up way too much and ended up with specks of color all over my cheeks! With the other ones though, I have absolutely zero fall out, which is quite impressive with thin matte shadows.

So what about that matte finish? Well, it looks absolutely beautiful, I think Dior nailed it with Dream. The shadows look velvety on the lid like flower petals, without a hint of powderiness. Because they're absolutely not dry, they play exceptionally well on crepe-y areas of my lids. Some mattes can grab and catch into the lines, but these ones absolutely don't, they look perfectly smooth.

wearing on eyes close up

fotd wearing full face motd


I ordered Dream not really knowing what to expect from an all-matte eyeshadow palette by Dior. I am very pleasantly surprised by the beautiful finish and the outstanding quality of the formula! I absolutely love this palette and how the shadows look and feel. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for luxury matte eyeshadows, especially for those who have dry or aging lids and often find mattes unflattering.

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