#FrenchFriday : Lancome Belle de Teint Mosaic Palette for Summer 2017

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Summer rhymes with bronzer. That's always been true, but more and more makeup brands seem to take that coincidence very seriously and release a limited edition bronzer every summer (or more than one, like Guerlain!). After all, bronzer also rhymes with customer... If you're going to buy just one seasonal bronzer this year, should it be Lancôme's new Belle de Teint Mosaic Palette? Let's find out!

Lancome summer 2017 makeup collection Summer Swing

The Belle de Teint Mosaic Palette is part of Lancôme's summer 2017 collection called Summer Swing. It is supposedly inspired by music festivals and features metallic eyes (you can see two of the Le Metallique liquid eyeshadows in some of the pics in this post, I reviewed them here) paired with sunkissed skin. The compact this Mosaic Palette comes in is really pretty and summery, with turquoise and gold accents on the lid.

Lancome Summer Swing makeup collection 2017

So why is this limited edition bronzer called Mosaic Palette, you may ask. Well that's because it's more than just a bronzer, it's a cheek palette that includes four shades: 2 blushes and 2 bronzers. They can be used separately, layered or mixed together as you please. Each color section is large enough for me to comfortably fit a blush brush when I want to use only one shade. The powder itself is also very pretty with its embossed pattern matching the lid and beautiful combination of colors.

The Mosaic Palette comes in 2 shade combinations: 01 Patio Méditerranéen, the lighter palette and the one I bought, and 02 Patio d'Une Nuit d'Eté, with deeper and bolder tones. If you are very fair, be warned that even Patio Méditerranéen may be too dark for you. The shades in there are intense and vibrant, so you might find it difficult to use on your skin tone if you prefer muted colors. I have a light complexion and I need to apply it very lightly, otherwise it quickly becomes too much for my taste.


Lancôme describes the Mosaic Palette as containing bronzers and blushes, but for some reason I was expecting the lighter shade on the top to be a highlighter. It's not, at least not on my skin tone, since it has a strong golden yellow color. It is, however, the only shade in this palette that contains shimmer, so I do use it on top of the other shades to add some glow and dimension. The shimmer is extremely fine so don't expect it to make you shine like a diamond, it creates more of a natural sheen. The other shades, although matte, do not look flat on the skin at all.

Swatches swatch of all shades
Swatches of Lancome Belle de Teint Mosaic Palette in 01 Patio Mediterraneen

The product in the pan feels very soft and finely milled, but also a little powdery so there is some kick back when you dip your brush in. I would suggest using a light hand and picking up more color if necessary rather than swirling your brush around the compact, you would have way too much product and powder flying everywhere. Despite the kick back, the shades do not look powdery on the skin in the least, they blend effortlessly and seamlessly into a very natural finish. This palette has a very warm undertone overall, although there is one cool blush, so if you dislike warm bronzers it might not be for you.

I love both blushes, the coral one is right up my alley for summer, and the cool pink is the kind of shade I've been attracted to this spring for a fresh cheek look. The dark bronzer gives a warm sunkissed tan with very little product on my skin tone so I have to use it sparingly, but it blends really well so application is not too tricky. I have been using the golden shimmery bronzer as a super soft highlight, applying more generously than I would with a metallic highlighter, and as a topper to add a sheen to the other shades. Wear time is very good on me, I don't feel the need to reapply even at the of a long day.

Wearing on cheeks fotd motd full face picture
Wearing the Mosaic Palette in Patio Mediterraneen applied with the 3 technique


Lancôme's Belle de Teint Mosaic Palette is a very pretty cheek palette that will satisfy lovers of warm bronzers. It's more versatile than a classic bronzer with 4 different shades that can be used separately, including 2 blushes, and the powders blend into the skin beautifully. At $45 it doesn't come cheap but the compact is quite large, and it's also more affordable than limited edition bronzers from other high-end French brands!

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