#FrenchFriday : Lancome Le Metallique Liquid Eyeshadow for Summer 2017

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I always get excited when Lancôme releases their summer collection: you know they are one of my favorite brands, and they always launch colorful and playful limited edition products at this time of year. For 2017 their Summer Swing collection includes a new liquid eyeshadow that claims to be a "long-wearing, high-pigment metallic eyeshadow without the fuss". Could this be the easy-to-use, hight impact liquid eyeshadow I've always dreamed of? Let's find out!

To create a bit of confusion, because life would be too easy without it, this new liquid eyeshadow is called Le Métallique, same as another new product by Lancôme, the metallic lip lacquer I just reviewed.

But the shadow version is a limited edition formula that comes in 4 shades: Bronze Rivage, the medium taupe beige that I picked, Brise Azure, a bold turquoise, Or Farniente, a golden champagne, and Mocha Swing, a deep warm brown that's nothing like the scary red copper it looks like on retailers' website.

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Le Métallique Liquid Eyeshadow comes in a what looks like a classic gloss tube - the neutral shades could definitely be confused for gloss, so be careful not to apply to your lips by mistake! The flocked applicator is flat with a pointy end and bent. I think it works well to apply shadow directly onto the lids, but I've noticed that it doesn't get much product out of the tube at all. I always have to re-dip it in to get more when using it.

Application is truly a breeze. I love liquid shadows but they can be tricky, as runny formulas tend to sheer out quickly but thicker ones can be hard to blend or look crumbly. The Métallique falls right in the middle, liquid enough to be easily spreadable but pigmented enough that it doesn't disappear when I blend it. I also like the fact that it doesn't contain larger sparkles, keeping the formula very smooth. I cover my lid with the applicator and blend the edges with my fingertip, et voilà. Less than one minute per eye for a sophisticated result with just one shade!

Now, talking about the result, I would actually describe these shadows as shimmery rather than metallic. The very fine pearl reflects the light, but they don't have the glossy or chrome effect that would qualify them as metallics, in my opinion (very much unlike Le Métallique Lip Lacquers). That's actually good news for me, as it makes them much more wearable than if they truly looked like molten metal on my eyelids!

In fact, the 3 neutral shades make perfect washes of color to wear by themselves for a simple and quick day look. They're intense and shimmery enough to have some depth and look multi-dimensional on the lid, but they take seconds to apply! On me Bronze Rivage lasts all day with zero creasing (which is rare for a liquid eyeshadow on my super deep crease) and only minor fading after 8+ hours of wear.

I can see myself use this liquid shadow a lot in the next few months, and I'm already planning to get the champagne gold and deeper brown. It's just so easy to use for such a stunning look! The one thing I'm not too happy about is the price tag: I think $29 is a bit high for a Lancôme shadow. Le Métallique Lip Lacquer is only $22, and I can't see any valid reason why the Liquid Eyeshadow should be more expensive!


This new liquid eyeshadow by Lancôme is perfect for people like me who like to create a quick yet sophisticated look using fool-proof products on a daily basis. I wouldn't call it metallic, but it gives a nice shimmery finish and opaque color coverage that lasts through the day. This eyeshadow is everything I love about Lancôme: easy-to-use for anyone, from the beauty newbie to the makeup collector like me, high-quality and very pretty. No learning curve, no need for fancy tools, you slap it on with your fingers and you look gorgeous!

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