#FrenchFriday : Precious Lips with new Lancome Le Metallique Metallic Lip Lacquer

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Lancome has been launching a lot of new makeup products in the past year, working hard to keep up with hot trends. A few months ago the brand released Le Metallique Lip Lacquer, just as metallic lips were starting to gain popularity. Is it your best pick for a molten metal lip look? Let's find out!

Le Metallique Lip Lacquer comes in 13 beautiful, vibrant shades and is exclusive to Sephora. I was tempted by the blue Crystalized Cobalt or one of the purple shades, but I decided to go for something more classic with Brushed Gold: a deep and warm gold with coppery undertones. I also got a deluxe sample of Mirrored Nude, a light pink champagne.

The Lacquer comes in a classic clear tube with a flat doe-foot applicator. It is unscented, and my Brushed Gold smells a little waxy while Mirrored Nude is virtually scent-free.

The texture of Le Metallique is rather thick: you really have to spread it on the lips using the applicator, which is easy enough, but it doesn't glide like lighter, more watery gloss. This denser texture makes it feel very cushy and comfortable on the lips, but it's also a bit heavy. You can definitely tell that you have something on your lips!

The benefit of this denser texture is that the lacquer stays in place: it doesn't bleed out of the lip line and the wear time is very good. I get a half-day of wear at full intensity, and I still have some visible color after a light meal. That's pretty impressive for a gloss formula!

Despite being on the thicker side, I don't find Le Metallique to be sticky. I've seen some other people complain about that, but it's really not my experience. I can press my lips together without feeling like they're getting glued, and I don't particularly get hair caught on my lips. Yes, it's heavy, but not sticky for me! It feels pretty hydrating actually.

What's really stunning about Le Metallique is the opacity and intensity of the colors. They really look like molten metal! The two shades I have apply and wear evenly, but I have heard that some darker shades can be a bit more patchy.

Brushed Gold is opaque in one swipe and makes me look like I dipped my lips into liquid antique gold. In fact it's so pigmented that it's a little hard for me to pull off by itself, it's almost too much for my taste! (I had a problem with my full face pictures but will try to upload new ones this weekend). Mirrored Nude doesn't have quite as full a coverage, but it's extremely reflective. Perfect for shiny metallic lips to pair with a dark, matte smokey eye. Here are swatches of a few of the other shades that caught my eye:

Brushed Gold, Mirrored Nude, Lavender Patina, Cuivre Casting, Purple Onyx Swatch


Lancome Le Metallique is a great choice if you want an intense, highly pigmented metallic gloss for a molten metal effect. It will work best for people who don't mind a thicker texture or prefer a cushy, hydrating formula. If you only like light, watery gloss it might not be the best pick for you.

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