Winter beauty: my 10 favorite lipsticks

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Winter beauty: my 10 favorite lipsticks

I can't believe it's already February! I showed you my most loved blushes, shadows and even nail lacquers for winter here, and it's about time to show you my favorite lipsticks this winter season. As usual with my seasonal picks, you'll probably notice a pattern: winter is a time when I love to wear reds and deep pinks to add a pop of color to a gloomy day. It's also matte season, although I enjoy adding a touch of whimsical, snowflake-like sparkles from time to time.

Let's take a look at my 10 favorite lipsticks and lipglosses for winter!

Winter beauty: my 10 favorite lipsticks and lipglosses

1- Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Catfight: I don't know why it shows so light on the picture, because let me tell you, if there's something Catfight is not, it's pale! This is a bright, borderline in-you-face vengeful fuchsia with red undertones in a semi-glossy finish. It's so brightening it makes me feel fearless!

2- MAC Vamplify in Hyper-Fabulous: unfortunately this interesting medium brown shade with very subtle blue micro-shimmer is sold out, but if you like an opaque, shiny, comfortable gloss, you should look into the remaining Vamplify shades. The only thing I dislike is it's super long wand, it makes it difficult for me to apply it precisely! I was wearing Hyper-Fabulous on my full face picture at the end of this post, and as you can see it leans warmer than expected on my lips (typical for me).

3- Lancôme L'Absolu Rouge Définition in Le Carmin: this is a newcomer in my lipstick collection, but I'm already deeply in love. I would describe it as the ultimate semi-matte deep red. It's incredibly comfortable to wear, opaque in one swipe with vibrant color, doesn't emphasize dryness on my lips, and wears forever. This is, truly, an outstanding formula that I strongly suggest you try and will review soon. Not all shades in the Rouge Définition range were created equal, you can take a look at my swatches in this post (around the middle of the article).

4- Maybelline Color Elixir in Amethyst Potion: a cheap thrill, Amethyst Potion is a cream gloss with good color payoff in a deep purple shade. It feels light and moisturizing on my lips, and I like to wear it for a quick look when I don't have much time. It's not so intense that you need a lip liner!

5- MAC Lipstick in D for Danger: I hadn't bought a MAC lipstick for ages when I finally got D for Danger, and now I think that I missed a lot! I knew as soon as I saw swatches online that I needed this deep reddish pink, and boy am I not disappointed. It has a Matte finish that I didn't find drying, and the color is simply stunning. My eyes look so much greener when I wear it! It's a sexy shade, very Valentine's Day appropriate if you ask me... You can see me wearing it in this picture.

6- ck One lipstick in Miss Me?: I was surprised to notice as I was preparing this post that ck One makeup is disappearing from Ulta. I don't know where else to find the brand's makeup line, sadly. This lipstick was a pretty good one, although it smells ashy. I used to find the color a little dull at first, but I've grown to like its muted quality, especially in the winter: it's a dirty brick red with pink undertones. I reviewed it in French, you can look at the swatches here.

7- Givenchy Gelée d'Interdit Smoothing Gloss in Electric Purple: you've noticed that most lipsticks I like to wear in the winter are matte. When I want to add some sparkles, I go for this clear gloss with iridescent purple shimmer. It catches the light beautifully, and it has an ice queen/jelly fish feel to it that I really like!

8- Estée Lauder Pure Color Envy Lipstick in Fierce: another solid lipstick formula with this semi-matte Pure Color Envy, in a shade that I find really hard to describe. It's a warm red with orange undertones but it's muted, leaning slightly towards ochre. It's not the easiest shade to wear for me to be honest, but paired well with warm neutrals it's a beautiful and unique color. I clearly don't have anything similar in my lipstick stash!

9- MAC Lipglass in Hellbound: this is a limited edition shade from a few years back, so it's not available anymore, unfortunately. It's a staple for me in the winter because of the incredible beauty of this dark pink packed with copper shimmer. It's without a doubt the most beautiful Lipglass I've ever tried!

10- Givenchy Le Rouge in Framboise Velours: I kept the best for last. Givenchy Le Rouge is hands down the best lipstick formula I've ever tried, period. It's creamy but light, highly pigmented, vibrant, long-wearing, and the colors are simply gorgeous. Framboise Velours (meaning velvet raspberry) is a luscious deep fuchsia berry. It's so beautiful my eyes are getting all wet writing about it... Mine comes in a limited edition bordeaux leather case, but as far as I know this shade is part of the permanent range in classic black leather.

And now to the swatches! First the lipsticks, then the glosses.

Winter beauty: my 10 favorite lipsticks - swatches

Winter beauty: my favorite lipglosses - swatches

What are your favorite lip colors for the winter? Do you like deep brights like me, or do you prefer vampier shades?

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