10 Mother's Day French Beauty gifts for all budgets!

As Mother's Day is getting close, you might be scratching your head, wondering what gift you could get for your Mom. If you're a little too old to give her a handmade pasta necklace, but you still want something different and thoughtful, I've got you covered. I hand-picked 10 awesome gifts by French beauty brands, and you don't even have to break the bank to make Mom happy: they range from $10 to $78! Most can be found in stores around you, but you can also click the links to purchase them online (some of them are affiliate links).

10 ideas for mother's day. French beauty gifts for all budgets.

1- Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Or $39: this is the shimmery version of the cult Huile Prodigieuse dry oil. It contains golden particles and gives skin a beautiful glow without being disco-ball sparkly. Like the regular edition, it softens and nourishes skin, and it can also be used in hair. I really love to use it for summer nights out.

2- Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Powder $53: Guerlain's uber famous bronzer is available in 8 shades, so you're sure to find a good match for your mom's complexion. It's finely milled, easy to blend and comes in a luxurious compact. If you can spend more, consider getting the beautiful matching brush ($43.50).

3- L'Occitane Iris Bleu & Iris Blanc Collection $78: this is L'Occitane's latest fragrance launch in their Collection de Grasse, and you really can't go wrong with it. The light and clean floral scent will please almost anyone, which makes this set a good gift for a mother-in-law or someone whose tastes are unfamiliar to you. This set contains a full-size Eau de Toilette, a shower gel and a body milk for the same price as the Eau de Toilette by itself, so the 2 other products are basically free. The set also exists in the other Collection de Grasse scents, and my personal favorite is Jasmine & Bergamot.

4- Givenchy Le Rouge $36: this lipstick is not only one of the best formulas out there, with a creamy, comfortable texture and vibrant colors, it also features a luxurious tube with real leather. All the shades I tried were beautiful and rich, and there's a large choice from nude beiges to pinks, plums and reds.

5- Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat $42: the Radiant Touch is Yves Saint Laurent's most popular, and also most copied, product. It's like a magic wand that brings light to your skin, erasing shadows for a healthy and radiant looking complexion. If you get it for your mom, just make sure she understands that this is not a concealer. It's not high coverage and doesn't work that well as an under-eye concealer, except for people with very minor dark circles. It won't hide imperfections, but it will enhance and correct the dark shadows around the nose and mouth, and bring light around your eyes on top of a concealer. You can also use it as a highlighter to sculpt your face, high on the cheekbones, along the nose, on the brow bones... It's a multi-tasker and a staple in my makeup bag.

6- Yves Rocher Traditional Tiare Oil $10: did you know that Tahiti was a French territory? My uncle lives there, and unfortunately I've never had a chance to visit... Tahitian women have traditionally been making and using Monoï for their beauty needs, coconut oil infused with tiare flowers. Tiare flowers are white, extremely fragrant flowers which scent reminds me of jasmine, but with an exotic twist. Tahitian Monoï is a favorite for my mom - as a kid, I remember leaving the bottle outside on the balcony in the winter to see the oil solidify and transform into butter. I found it fascinating... You can use this oil to nourish your hair and skin, or as a bath oil. The scent is to die for but it's very strong, not for moms who prefer fragrance-free products! This is basically the same thing as the Monoï oil Nars sells for $59...

7- Lancôme Shine Lover Lipstick $25: I wrote about this new lipstick last week, take a look at my review for all the details. To summarize: this is a fantastic product. It's sheer yet yields intense color, it moisturizes and stays comfortable as it wears for 4+ hours. For me Shine Lover is nothing less than a lipstick revolution. Because it's semi-sheer, your mom can wear bright, vibrant shades that she might be afraid of in their opaque form. French Sourire, Oh My Rouge, Fuschia in Paris and and Corail Lover are my favorite among the 15 available shades.

8- Diptyque Scented Candle in Muguet $60: these candles are the most raved about high-end candles, sold in department stores. "Muguet" is Lily of the Valley in French, and this delicate wild flower is traditionally given to women on May 1st in France. Diptyque candles come in a variety of scents, from wood fire to coriander or verbena, and some are sold in a smaller size for $30.

9- Dior Rosy Glow Awakening Blush $44: this Dior blush reacts to skin chemistry and turns into a different shade on every woman. When I first tried it, I was scared by the light pink color in the pan (not my kind of shade!), but on me it turns into a warm peachy pink within a couple minutes. It's fun and so Dior.

10- Caudalie Grape Water $18: Caudalie surfs the "French wine is good for you" trend to offer products made of grape extracts. This hydrating mist contains the water and juice of organic grapes. It's refreshing and soothing, and you can use it in a variety of ways: as a toner, to fix your makeup, to refresh and hydrate throughout the day... 

Where to buy? At department stores or online. A lot of these brands are sold at Nordstrom, which happens to have a 10% off Price Matching sale going on at this time on most high-end products.

This post contains affiliate links.


  1. My mom doesn't do Mothers Day and neither do I (my daughter is too little anyways), but I see a lot of stuff I would take regardless the occasion.

    LindaLibraLoca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

    1. Oh yes these gifts would work for a birthday or any other occasion ;)

  2. Great presents, but actually my Mum isn't into makeup (;
    Nati xx

    1. She might love the oils or the L'Occitane perfume ;)

  3. I'm a HUGE fan of the Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse and I agree, it makes a wonderful gift as well.

    1. Oh yes I don't know anyone who doesn't love it! Do you use the regular oil or this shimmery version? And did you know that Nuxe launched a perfume with the same scent last year? I really want it for this summer!


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