Skincare Tools: Holistic Beauties' Best Face Friend

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Who doesn't love a good skincare gadget? Adding one to my routine makes it more fun and I want to get my hands on all the tools out there! Vibrating, plumping, exfoliating, firming, as long as they're easy to use and brightly colored, I want to test them all. Latest tool put to the test: the BFF cleansing device that Holistic Beauties sent me to try. Keep reading to see if it really became my Best Face Friend!

Holistic Beauties' BFF is a cleansing tool made of antibacterial, medical-grade silicone with little knobs in three different sizes that vibrate to wash your skin. They act as tiny fingers to dislodge dirt, oils and makeup from your pores and provide a deeper cleanse than simply using your hands. The tool is waterproof and I use it in the shower: I apply a face wash to my skin, turn the BFF on and gently swipe it all over my face for about a minute, insisting on the areas where I tend to have blackheads and clogged pores, then rinse.

The concept isn't new so you've probably seen similar devices before: Foreo makes some but they're quite expensive (the BFF is $99.99 vs $139 for the cheapest rechargeable Foreo tool), PMD has one that I recently tested (I'll compare them below). Then of course there's the most popular cleansing tool of them all: the Clarisonic. The BFF is definitely my favorite among all the ones I have tried so far. Here's what I like about it:

- first, it's undeniable that cleansing tools have an effect on the quality of the skin. After just a few days of use my pores get cleaner, my skin is smoother and less textured. I think it will make the most visible difference for people who wear heavy makeup every day or have oily skin, but everyone should get clearer complexion from adding a cleansing tool to their routine. The BFF provides a deep cleanse as expected and leaves my skin very soft.

- I much, much prefer devices with silicone knobs like the BFF than brushes with classic bristles. No matter what Clarisonic claims, their brush basically scrubs the face. It irritates my skin and makes it turn red, even when I use the most gentle brush head. I never had this problem with the BFF: it's super gentle on my skin and never caused redness, sensitivity or discomfort, despite providing a similarly deep cleanse as a brush. I could never use a Clarisonic more than once a week, but I use my BFF everyday without any issues. Plus, the silicone tools always remain clean, while brush heads are a pain to rinse, eventually allow bacteria to grow and need to be changed regularly - and those heads ain't cheap...

- the BFF is rechargeable and comes with a USB charging cable. That's a big plus for me because I try to avoid using disposable batteries that similar devices are powered by (like the PMD tool). The impact of single-use batteries like your classic AA on the environment is terrible, especially because less than 10% of them are properly recycled! I've been using the BFF daily for a little over 3 weeks and I haven't even charged it yet. I took it out of the box and started using it without plugging it in, and it's still going so far, so the battery life seems great!

- the BFF has 15 different speeds that you can easily adjust with the + and - buttons on the front. I like to use the higher speeds to cleanse effectively, and the lower speeds with the back of the tool, which has larger silicone "fingers", to massage the areas of my face that are puffy or starting to lose firmness. That's another great thing about silicone devices: the high-frequency vibrations provide a massage that increases blood flow to the skin and stimulates facial muscles. I often use it to massage when I have a mask on, whether it's a classic rinse off or a sheet mask.

- I really like the unique shape of the BFF. It's curved towards the right side, which helps it fit better in my hand. The rounded but narrow edge allows me to reach all the small areas where I often get blackheads, like the creases on the sides of my nostrils (how do you call those?) and the edges of my lips. I initially liked the handle design of the PMD tool, but after trying the BFF I find its shape a lot easier to maneuver.

- there aren't too many cons that I could think of, but I guess I wish it came in more colors. You can only choose between pink and blue at this time. I'd love a deep purple or a lime green!


With its unique shape, gentle silicone bristles and rechargeable battery, Holistic Beauties's BFF is the best facial cleansing tool I have tried so far. It would be the perfect pick for anyone with sensitive skin or redness issues who is still looking for a deep cleanse.


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