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Have you noticed how different scents have the power to make us feel a certain way? I have experienced many times that the odor of citrus can make me feel energized, while lavender can help me relax. Scents can even trigger vivid memories or moods, like the popular pumpkin spice turning any day into a crisp fall afternoon! Smell is the least used of the five senses by us humans, but it plays a much bigger role in our lives than we realize. Keep reading to learn how MONQ is changing the aromatherapy game with their portable diffusers to create moods on the go!

Aromatherapy is not a subject I have mentioned often on the blog, but I have been using essential oils since my early 20s. At that time, just as I finished my master I moved into my own apartment after a devastating breakup that ended my first serious relationship, and I started my first job. I was really overwhelmed by so much change at once in my life and things were tough. I started using essential oils in diffusers to make my little studio under the roof feel like a warm, welcoming and stress-free home. I have been using a few different essential oils ever since when I want to invite a certain feeling: lavender and eucalyptus for relaxation, rose for a loving feeling, citrus for energy, etc.

Being a regular user of aromatherapy, I was intrigued when I first heard of MONQ’s portable personal diffusers and I decided to give them a try. The diffusers look like colorful sticks, they’re compact and easy to carry around. To clear things off: the MONQ diffusers use the same technology as vaping devices, however they contain no tobacco, nicotine or any artificial ingredient.

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The aromatherapy blends in each diffuser are made of 80% coconut derived vegetable glycerin and 20% essential oils, all organic and vegan. Each blend has three primary oils mentioned on the diffuser tube itself, plus up to twenty-six other oils in supporting roles that help create a well-rounded scent.

The idea behind the MONQ portable diffusers is to deliver a blend of essential oils (what the brand calls Therapeutic Air®) carefully picked to encourage a certain emotion or feeling directly to the olfactory system - the receptors for our sense of smell.

Here’s how it works: you breathe in from the side of the diffuser that has a small hole. The diffuser dispenses a mist and the jewel end on the other side lights up. You keep the mist in your mouth (without inhaling into your lungs) and exhale through the nose so the “Therapeutic Air” stimulates your olfactory system. It took me a few times to get used to it, then it became easy. You have to imagine pulling the mist up as you would from a straw, but without breathing in too hard, then move your tongue so you can breathe out through the nose. It’s hard to explain and best to practice!

Of course the MONQ blends are not medication and they are not meant to treat any disease. They’re an aromatherapy tool you can use to create a mood or feeling: to help relax, let go of stress, feel more energized, etc. They’re made for adults over 18, and pregnant women should not use them.

monq essential oils blend: sleepy zen happy healthy active love sexy vibrant feel the way you want

MONQ sent me their Feel The Way You Want collection, a line of seven diffusers with names such as Active, Zen, Happy or Sleepy. Each blend is designed to convey a different feeling and the diffusers are a different color that reflects this mood: purple for Zen, orange for Vibrant, etc. I really enjoyed discovering each blend! My absolute favorite is Happy, with top notes of fennel, thyme and vanilla. That was a little unexpected since I hate fennel! Others I particularly liked include Vibrant (ginger, lemon, spearmint), Active (black pepper, orange, sage) and Zen (orange, frankincense, ylang-ylang).


The MONQ portable personal aromatherapy diffuser are a fun way to experience the power of scents. If you love using essential oils to create a mood, I think you would enjoy being able to breathe these diverse blends on the go!

This post was sponsored by MONQ. All opinions are my own. Support from sponsors who appreciate my work is essential to keep Beaumiroir running!

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