Makeup Revolution The Emily Edit: The Wants Eyeshadow Palette Review

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Are you a fan of "beautuber" Emily Noel? I don't watch many beauty vloggers on Youtube, but Emily is one of the few I follow. I like her drama-free, casual approach to makeup, and I trust her recommendations. So when I heard that she was collaborating with drugstore brand Makeup Revolution to launch two palettes in the Emily Edit, I decided to support her and bought the large The Wants eyeshadow palette. Keep reading to find out how it worked for me!

You should watch this video to learn more about the two palettes that make up the Emily Edit, The Needs and The Wants. Emily explains how she picked and named each shade, and what she was trying to achieve with both palettes. The Wants is a big palette with 24 eyeshadows and a huge mirror, housed in a light peach plastic compact with gold rose details on the lid. The mirror in this palette is the biggest I have ever seen included in any makeup product, which is pretty amazing considering it comes in a $20 palette!

The Wants contains 13 mattes and 11 shimmers, so you have a nice balance of finishes. The color selection is really varied, with some warm neutrals, purples and greens. Overall, despite the greens and purples I would say that the general tone of this palette leans warm. It is quite hard to come up with a very cool look using it, mostly because the transition shades are on the warmer side. Even Prayer, which looks like it could be a neutral pink, ends up looking warm once blended on my skin.

swatches the cream hobby prayer grateful good vibes side hustle

swatches midwest dues paid eve rose belle violet capricorn pi phi

swatches oh heavens! love tons pizzazz family top story apartment

swatches cupcake laughcry cheer heartbeat corduroy dark & early

I've done about a dozen looks since I bought The Wants, and I've used every single shade in the palette. Here are my thoughts after taking my time to test it:

- I love the matte shades. Most of them are nicely pigmented and buildable, so they're easy to control and blend. They feel soft and pick up easily on any type of brush, but there isn't too much kick back in the pans. The dark mattes are really intense, and the off white The Cream has great color pay off, which makes it an excellent base to start any look.

- the shimmers are a bit weaker. Grateful, Eve Rose and Belle Violet in particular, the three shades I was the most excited about in this palette, didn't impress me. They're sheer and although they can be built, I can never achieve the color payoff that I expected from what I see in the pan. They are luminous but they also emphasize the skin texture on my lids a little bit. Capricorn is the best shimmer in the palette, a rich dark brown. I wish the other shimmers were as smooth and had the same depth. I'm not saying they're unusable or terrible quality, they're just not very high impact.

- I experience no fallout out at all with the mattes, but quite a bit with the shimmers. Side Hustle is the worst offender, with gold sparkles that land all over my cheeks.

- while I enjoy the diversity of colors included, I feel limited when it comes to lid shades. I know how Emily Noel does her eye looks, she almost always uses a shimmery color on the lid. Trying to use her technique I find myself looking for a mid-tone neutral shimmer, such as a taupe or medium beige, which I think is really missing in this palette. There are two red shimmers here, Heartbeat and Good Vibes, and I think the palette would have been more versatile and neutral-look-friendly if one of these had been replaced with a shimmery taupe. The gold Top Story is quite orange so it's not really what I'm looking for.

- the most interesting color in the palette is Eve Rose. It looks like a light shimmery lilac in the pan, but it's a very pale pink with a subtle gold shift on the skin. Being so light and sheer I don't find it to have enough impact as a lid shade, but it's a beautiful inner corner highlight. My least favorite shade in the palette is Heartbeat, reds are just not my thing!

- all things considered, I find this palette rather easy to work with. The more buildable formula means that you can go for a subtle look or layer and pack on for something more bold. I've never made a mistake that couldn't be fixed using this palette, and I've never had difficulties blending and diffusing the darker shades. The last palette I had bought before The Wants was ABH Norvina, and this is so much easier to work with and less fussy that it's not even comparable!

eye look grateful side hustle
Look using The Wants: Grateful, Side Hustle, Apartment, Hobby

smokey eye look using corduroy apartment
Smoky eye look using Corduroy, Apartment, Hobby, Dark & Early, Grateful

purple look belle violet eve rose pizzazz pi phi family
Purple eye look using Belle Violet, Eve Rose Pizzazz, Pi Phi, Family, Prayer, Grateful

Purple eye look


I really enjoy watching Emily Noel on Youtube and I'm glad I had the opportunity to support her by buying The Wants palette. Is this an absolutely perfect palette? No, but I think the quality is quite good overall, and it's definitely well worth $20 - and if you get it at Ulta like I did, don't forget to use your coupons and points! I ended up paying $9 for it with the weekly $3.50 off and my loyalty points.

I wish the shimmery shades had been a bit more pigmented and rich, however I'm very happy with the mattes. What I really like is that this palette offers a wide range of colors to choose from and enables me to create a variety of looks, from matte smokey eyes to a very subtle work-friendly look. Keep in mind that it leans rather warm, especially when it comes to the transition shades that will help you build a complete look.

If you like large palettes with a diverse color selection, buildable shadow formulas or if you're a fan of Emily Noel, I can recommend The Wants. I think it's also beginner-friendly, since the shadows are not too opaque in one swipe.


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