What the 750+ points Sephora Rewards Look Like

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Are you curious to see what the fanciest rewards in Sephora's Beauty Insider loyalty program look like? I managed to get two and I'm about to give you all the info and show you the special packaging they come in. Keep reading to finally find out!

For a long time the Sephora loyalty program only offered deluxe sizes of products for 100 to 250 points. Then a few years back, they introduced travel-size sets for 500 points - I got one of the first ones, about 5 years ago. It contained products from Peter Thomas Roth and that's actually how my love for the brand started!

Anyways, more recently (a couple years ago, maybe not even that long?) Sephora started making very limited edition sets and exclusive gifts available to their Beauty Insider rewards program members for 750 points or more - I've seen rewards for up to 75,000 points, usually including a trip to a brand's studio! Some of these rewards are really exciting and unique, like personalized products signed by a brand owner or "vaults" with an entire collection of popular products.

Sadly scoring the coveted 750 points and above rewards in Sephora's Rewards Bazaar is hard, even if you have more than enough points to get the gift you want. There is often only one of those rewards up for grabs for the most "expensive" ones, and only a handful even for those at the 750 points level. I don't know, it seems that people camp on the Rewards Bazaar page on Sephora's website so they're able to snatch those cool sets within seconds!

For a while I frantically looked every Tuesday and Thursday at 9am PST - that's when Sephora allegedly releases the new rewards, twice a week - but they were always sold out by the time they even showed up on my screen. Once I was able to place my order for a Lancôme set, but I received a notification within a few hours that it was cancelled because the reward was out of stock... By the way, any 750+ points reward can ship on its own, so you don't need to order anything else to receive it!

Eventually I was able to grab two of these hard to get 750+ points gift sets: one from Benefit and the other from Guerlain. I didn't even have to hunt for them, they were just available when I was placing an online order (it was on a Tuesday or Thursday morning both times though). You may have seen them in my Instagram Stories, but I also wanted to give the opportunity to you readers of my blog to finally get a look at these rewards that you may have been unable to get!

The two rewards I received came in special black boxes with white polka dots on the side. The two boxes are different sizes but they have the same text on the lid "This is the moment you've been waiting for Sephora Beauty Insider". They're made of sturdy hard cardboard with a magnetic closure and well constructed. They look good enough to be re-used for your storage needs.

sephora rewards bazaar rouge vib

The content of the box is wrapped in silk paper that's also Sephora branded: it's white with large black polka dots (the reverse colors of the sides of the box). There's a round black and white card on top that suggests sharing pictures of your reward on social media: " This is BIG. A reward like this calls for celebration - and we want to see it. Snap and share using #SephoraRewards. Because this is more than a reward. This is a lifestyle." A bit over the top maybe?

gift sets rewards bazaar

Talking about over the top, my Guerlain reward had an accute case of boxite... It came in a box which was in a box, itself in a bigger box that was in the Sephora special rewards box, sent to me in a large shipping box. Phew, that's 5 boxes! I will be keeping the pretty white box with the orchid print on it, plus the Sephora box, but the other 3 are just being recycled! What I got in there was a set of Guerlain Orchidée Impériale skincare - a line so expensive that I would never consider buying any of it. There's an eye cream, a serum, and a face cream that came in the cutest miniature jar, with a fancy gold lid. It does look very luxurious!

guerlain orchidee imperial luxury skincare

The Benefit reward was a little set with a face palette, a (very ugly) sleeping mask and a huge luggage tag (that one has neon colors that look washed out in my pictures, but it's very colorful in person). The travel palette is called Get The Party Started and includes Hoola bronzer, Galifornia blush and Watt's Up cream highlighter. I already own each and every one of these shades, but I couldn't resist getting my paws on a reward like this! I'll probably include it in a giveaway soon ;)

benefit get the pretty started face palette

benefit face palette hoola galifornia watt's up


The 750+ points rewards from Sephora are hard to get, but you do receive them in a special packaging that makes the experience unique. Some are worth fighting for more than others, depending on the cost of the products included. However I won't be trying to snatch them anymore, since Sephora has announced major changes in their loyalty program: by the end of the year, Rouge members will be able to exchange points for gift cards and full-size products. I can't wait to see how the new system works out - hopefully things are not limited in quantity so everyone can get a gift card if they want to!

The rewards featured in this post were ordered by me on Sephora's website using my Beauty Insider points. I received no compensation to write this post, which only reflects my personal opinion. This post contains affiliate links. I receive a very small commission when you shop through those links, and the money generated covers a small portion of my expenses to purchase products for review. Clicking on those links helps ensure that Beaumiroir continues to publish reviews of new and exciting high end French products - at no cost to you!

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