Clubs Of America Has The Perfect Monthly Subscription Box For Wine Lovers


As you know I grew up in France, so enjoying wine is an essential part of my culture (check out my recent Guide to Rosé Wine). Great Clubs, aka Clubs of America, offered to send me a box of three wines to try their Wine of the Month subscription, so of course I said yes! New wines to discover, delivered right to my door step? Sign me up!

My box came quickly and was delivered by Fedex with signature. I think the signature of an adult is mandatory with a package that contains alcohol, plus it's a lot more secure: I wouldn't want my wine to be left all day in the sun on my porch if I'm not home! It actually came on a Saturday morning and my husband signed for it. He got curious about what it was, and you should have seen his face when I opened the box... he looked like he had just seen Santa! I receive a lot of packages from brands and PR agencies, but none ever got him so excited. He even asked if we should open all the wines and try then right away, lol!

I was pretty impressed by how Wine of the Month Club packaged the bottles: inside the classic cardboard box, there was a special insert to keep each bottle in place so nothing could move or break, even if the box was dropped. According to their website the packaging is 100% recyclable, but I actually kept it for future use because it's the most secure system to transport wine bottles I have ever seen.

secure wine packaging insert

My box contained two bottles of red wine and one white, but you can choose all red or all white if you prefer. I personally like variety! I got a 2016 California Chardonnay from Victor Vineyards near the Lodi valley; Pierre et Papa Vin Extraordinaire, a 2016 red from the Pays d'Héraut (West side of the French Mediterranean coast); and Lar de Oro, a Spanish red. The box also contained a sheet with information about the selection of the month, tips on how to store and serve wine, and facts about the grape varietals and regions the wine came from. Honestly I prefer to drink wine than read about it, but it was quite interesting and went beyond the usual "this wine has berry notes" blurb.

I think the varied selection of wine in this box was well thought out, with bottles from three different  countries and completely different styles. I have only drank the Victor Vineyard Chardonnay so far and really enjoyed it. I find a lot of California Chardonnays to be too sweet and to lack depth, so I was pleasantly surprised by the crisp and balanced flavors of this one.


If you are a wine enthusiast I think the Wine of the Month club is a great way to discover new wines every month. Unlike a membership to a winery, you're going to get wines from all over the world and be able to try some that you didn't know. Based on the box I received I would say that the selection is pretty solid, with curated picks and a good variety.

Great Clubs actually started offering monthly subscription boxes way back in 1994, and they have monthly clubs for wine, but also beer, chocolate, cigars, coffee, fruits, flowers, and even pizza! The monthly membership cost varies depending on the club you join, with the Wine of the Month club priced at $44.95. You can join a club for anywhere between 2 months and a year, and decide how often you want to receive a box, from monthly to every 3 months. I'm quite tempted to try the chocolate and the flower clubs!

Great Clubs were kind enough to provide a discount offer valid on any club if you want to try the service: use this link and enter code BEAUMIROIR at checkout for 10% off sitewide! (This is not an affiliate code so I don't earn anything from it).

Do you like monthly subscriptions? Which club would you choose?

This post was sponsored by Great Clubs. All opinions are my own. Support from sponsors who appreciate my work is essential to keep Beaumiroir running!

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