Summer Makeup Essentials: MAC Blot Powder Pressed

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One of the most common beauty concerns in the summer is greasy, shiny skin. Most of us get oilier skin than usual when the temperatures or humidity levels rise, and keeping our T-zone matte is a constant battle. How do you keep your skin looking matte and fresh through the summer? Here's my (not so) secret weapon to eradicate oily shine: MAC Blot Powder Pressed, a staple in my makeup bag.

I used to have oily skin when I was younger, but nowadays it is more normal to combination depending on the season. Still, I do get the dreaded shiny forehead, nose and chin when the weather gets hot! And don't even get me started on how most sunscreens turn my face into a grease ball - I know I absolutely need SPF but it's really hard to find one that doesn't make me oily. Not only do I hate looking like a greasy mess, I also noticed that I breakout a lot more if I don't keep the oil under control.

When I started getting really into makeup a long, long time ago, MAC was still the number one brand for beauty enthusiasts. Several people on the forums I was then reading recommended the brand's Blot Powder in its pressed version to mattify the skin, and that's how this little black compact got into my life. I think it was the very first MAC product I ever purchased, and more than 15 years later it's still a staple in my makeup collection. It is definitely the one beauty product I have repurchased the most!

how to control oil on t-zone during summer how to remove shine skin face

Here's what makes the MAC Blot Powder Pressed a longtime favorite of mine, and still the best mattifying powder I've ever tried:

- It really erases shine completely. It doesn't just soften it, it makes it disappear for a true matte velvety finish.
- Despite removing shine so effectively it doesn't look dry or powdery, it's actually completely invisible on my skin. You couldn't tell I'm wearing powder, I just look matte.
- It's basically weightless, so it never makes my foundation look cakey by adding an extra layer.
- Besides removing shine, it also blurs texture. My pores look smaller and fine lines less visible when I use it. I think that by removing all shine it basically makes my skin look "flatter".
- It doesn't just remove the shine immediately, it also controls oil for several hours.
- The compact is small enough to be carried around in my purse for touch-ups throughout the day.
- It works great to keep my T-zone matte in the summer, but it's also perfect to mattify a hydrating foundation that looks too dewy.
- It helps my foundation last a lot longer, since it absorbs the oil that would otherwise break it down.

I bought my first MAC Blot Powder long before I started collecting makeup brushes, so I would apply it using the little puff that comes in the compact. And I continue doing so to this very day! It's convenient, and after trying other application methods, I think it's what gives me the best results. I gently tap the puff on the surface of the powder to get some product on, and then dab on the areas of my skin where I want the shine gone.

Here's a little before/after comparison. Not a very flattering photo, but to show you the effect of the Blot powder I had to get up close and personal. I'm wearing a light coverage foundation with a satin finish in these pics.

before - after using MAC Blot Pressed powder to mattify and shrink pores

The Blot Powder comes in 5 different shades, from Light to Deep Dark. I remember being told by an associate at a store that the shades didn't matter much because it's transparent, but having tried several of them over time I don't agree. Yes the powder is very sheer and doesn't provide coverage, but for me it leaves enough of a hint of color that it looks odd if I pick the wrong one. Light makes me look ashy although I'm quite light so I would recommend it to fair skin tones. Medium is my best match, while anything over that looks too tan for me.


The MAC Blot Powder in Pressed is one of the few makeup products that I keep re-purchasing again and again. It's my trusted mattifying powder that helps keep my skin looking matte and fresh by removing shine and absorbing oil, and I always use it daily during the summer.


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