#FrenchFriday : Half Fashion Accessory, Half Lipstick, Guerlain's Iconic Rouge G Is Back!

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luxury luxe lipstick jewel case

The Rouge G is Guerlain's most luxurious lipstick, and many of us who love the brand were disappointed to see the line slowly disappear over the past couple of years. What we didn't know just a few months ago was that Guerlain would actually come up with such an exciting relaunch: not only are they offering new shades but also a whole range of new cases so you can customize your own lipstick, pairing your choice of color with your favorite case design! Keep reading to see all the options and to hear my thoughts about the Rouge G combination that I bought.

lipstick with marble case


What makes the Rouge G an ultra-luxe, unique lipstick is its large and heavy case that flips open when you pull out the bullet to reveal a double mirror with a magnifying side. The oblong object is absolutely beautiful and unlike any other lipstick tube. I'm not surprised that it was designed by a jeweler, it's a fashion statement as much as a lipstick case. It's not exactly travel-friendly, since it probably weighs ten times more than a regular lipstick, but it's oh so chic! If you ever want to treat yourself to a makeup item that will make you feel special when you use it, the Rouge G is for you.

lipstick case with double magnifying mirror

The original version of the Rouge G came in a silver case that you couldn't really do anything with once you finished the lipstick, except maybe use it as a bookend... With the 2018 relaunch Guerlain made the cases refillable (you have to buy the lipstick bullets separately) and you can choose from 15 different styles: from floral to art deco, marble (the one I purchased is the white marble called Minimal Chic) or leather. Here are all the cases available:

Minimal Chic has a silver body and a white marble part on the top with green and yellow veining. To be perfectly honest I was expecting it to be a little more... high end. Not that I thought the case would be actual marble, but maybe a piece of plastic made to look like marble? Instead it's a print under a coat of clear plastic, and the print isn't very sharp. It gives me inkjet printer vibes. It looks great from a distance, but if you look at it very closely, it's a little blurry.

Had I been able to see the cases before ordering, I would have picked a leather (I'm trying to find out if they're faux or genuine leather, I will update you on this. UPDATE: Guerlain confirmed that they are genuine leather), or maybe the one with the polka dots. I wouldn't really recommend Minimal Chic if you are as picky as I am. Don't get me wrong, it's still a luxe case and people gasp when I pull it out of my purse to re-apply the lipstick using the mirror. But for someone who pays very close attention to little details like me, it's a bit disappointing. The other cases in the range just look better if you ask me!

white marble lipstick tube case


The lipstick shades in the old Rouge G had names, but the new ones only have numbers. Guerlain didn't clarify whether some of the old shades made it into the new range. There are more than 25 colors available, including a blue, a gold or a green (available at Nordstrom). Other than these unconventional shades that are quite refreshing to see from a luxury French brand, the range is heavy on the pinks and reds. Hopefully Guerlain will add more nudes to the lineup in the future! See most of the available shades below:

The official swatches that you can find on retailers' websites are so completely inaccurate that it's laughable. If you're unsure what shade to get, look at blogs! Temptalia has swatched and reviewed the whole range - just keep in mind that she takes her pictures under very bright studio lights. In my experience lipsticks are always a bit darker and less bright than they look in her swatches.


According to Guerlain the formula of the lipstick hasn't changed, and it does indeed feel very similar to the previous version. The Rouge G has a light floral scent that's pleasant but doesn't linger. The texture is creamy yet lightweight, and the lipstick glides well on the lips without tugging or sliding around. I find it very easy to apply, because it delivers a very even layer of color. The coverage is semi-opaque, letting the natural lips peek through just a little bit, and the finish has a soft shine. Guerlain describes it as "satin" but for me it's a little more glossy than a classic satiny, creamy lipstick. I find this type of lipstick a lot easier to pull off than fully pigmented or matte lipsticks: it's easier to put on, more forgiving if application isn't 100% perfect, and doesn't catch on dryness!

Guerlain Rouge G lipstick in no 06

In fact the Rouge G is very comfortable if you have dry lips. Not only does it not emphasize any existing flaking, it is quite moisturizing throughout the wear. To me it feels like wearing a light lip balm. Despite its hydrating formula I find it to last surprisingly long! I get a solid 5 hours of wear out of it, although it transfers on my tea mugs, and I still have a color stain left after a meal.

The shade I bought is no 06, described as "warm rosewood". It's a warm medium pink that's perfect to wear as an everyday color. It's a bit darker and pinker than a "My Lips But Better" shade on me, so it looks natural but sophisticated.

wearing full face picture fotd motd lotd
Wearing Guerlain Rouge G lipstick in no 06

Now for the very good news: you can't expect a luxury Guerlain lipstick to be cheap, but the 2018 version is more affordable than the past one! The price of the old Rouge G kept creeping up and it was over $55 last time I saw it available. Now the cases are $17.50 and the refills $32, so the total for one lipstick is $49.50. When was the last time a makeup product was relaunched to be better AND cheaper?!


I don't think I have ever seen such an exciting and successful relaunch for a cult makeup product! The idea of making the Rouge G customizable with cases in multiple styles and lipstick refills was genius. Now everyone can create their own perfect lipstick by combining their favorite shade and case - or collect cases to pair with their outfit of the day! The quality of the lipstick itself hasn't changed: it's as comfortable and flattering as it has ever been. If you are looking for a luxury makeup experience the Rouge G truly delivers.


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