#FrenchFriday : Dior Mineral Nude Bronze Powder Review

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Next in our Summer 2018 New Bronzers series after Guerlain's Terracotta Light: the Dior Diorskin Mineral Nude Bronze Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder. Always count on Dior for the longest official makeup product names! Is this newly released bronzer a good pick to get the sunkissed look we'll wear all summer long? Keep reading to find out.

I hadn't bought a Dior limited edition face product in a while, so maybe I'm just not up to date with their most recent packaging for pressed powders. But I was really surprised to see how thin the compact of this new Mineral Nude Bronze Powder is. I'm used to much thicker and bulkier compacts from Dior, and this one basically feels like a disc when you hold it. Despite the very thin compact, you still get a good amount of product in here: 10g, the same as what you get in any Guerlain Terracotta bronzer.

I appreciate that this bronzer is super sleek and very light, which makes it a great product to keep in your purse for touch ups. On the other hand, some snobby part of me feels like high-end, expensive makeup products should be a little more, I don't know,  substantial? It doesn't look cheap in any way, and it will come down to personal preference - I can imagine a lot of people will enjoy the more modern, less bulky design. What do you think?

Another thing that confused me the first time I opened the Mineral Nude Bronze Powder is its very strong scent. Since when does Dior make so heavily fragranced bronzer that you could mistake it for a Terracotta by Guerlain? The two scents are quite different, Dior's version is very perfume-y but not as sweet and more floral. I think there might be notes of jasmine in there but I'm not completely sure. Personally I think Guerlain does a better job at capturing the smell of summer with their Terracotta... but anyways, if you don't like intense fragrance in your makeup I can't recommend the Dior Mineral Nude bronzer. It's strong enough that I smell it on my face after application.

The new Dior Mineral Nude Bronze Powder comes in 6 different shades, although many retailers only have 4 available. Each shade is divided into quarters of two different colors, and the word Nude is spelled in a third hue. I bought the lightest shade called Soft Sunrise, which contains a light golden champagne and a medium beige. The color of the letters Nude is just a bit darker and rosier than the main beige.

An important thing to note is that all these shades are shimmery. All three have very visible golden shimmer throughout, and it's not an overlay. A lot of the bronzers I've tried in the past few years had subtle shimmer that was noticeable in the pan, but translated on the cheeks as a "modern matte" finish. This is not the case here: the golden shimmer creates a reflective sheen on the cheeks. It's not over the top and you can't see any large sparkles, but the finish is definitely glowy. That wouldn't work if you only wear matte bronzers. But if you are open to a slightly shimmery bronze, I think the result is quite beautiful and flattering. The glow looks soft and luminous, imparting radiance to the complexion just as Dior promised. When I wear this bronzer I usually skip highlighter to avoid an excess of shine.

In terms of texture, the Mineral Nude Bronze Powder is incredibly soft and silky but a little powdery. You have to gently tap or swirl your brush in the compact if you don't want too much kickback. It picks up really easily on any brush anyway so there is no reason not to be light-handed. Application is also a breeze, it builds and blends beautifully on the skin. I was concerned that Soft Sunrise might be too light for me to use as a bronzer, and it does look rather underwhelming when swatched. But I only need a few swipes to get a healthy looking tan on my cheek bones and temples. The sunkissed effect looks very natural but warms up my complexion nicely. It is warm toned but it doesn't look orange on my face at all. Wear time is good, it lasts all day and fades evenly.

The Dior Mineral Nude Bronze Powder really doesn't swatch well...

... but builds beautifully on the face for a natural tan look


Dior's new Mineral Nude Bronze Powder was full of surprises for me, from its sleek compact to its unexpected strong fragrance. I enjoy the natural sunkissed effect with a bronzy glow it creates on my face, and I can see myself using it a lot this summer when I want a simple but glam look. If you don't mind your bronzer being shimmery, I think it's well worth looking into.


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