#FrenchFriday : New Lancome Prismatic Plump Lip Gloss Review

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I'm usually on top of new makeup releases by French beauty brands, but lately Lancôme has been releasing a ton of new lip products without prior notice. So I discovered the existence of this Prismatic Plump lip gloss when I stumbled upon it at my local Sephora store. I bought shade 08 Passion Glow during the recent Sephora spring bonus sale and I'm now ready to share my thoughts. Keep reading to find out if I it's worth buying!

The Prismatic Plump appears to be a Sephora exclusive. It comes in 8 shades: 4 sheer opalescent lip toppers with purple, pink, yellow and peach pearl, and 4 nude shades with a bit more base color. Lancôme uses the term holographic to describe these glosses, but prismatic is actually more accurate. All 8 shades contain highly reflective micro-shimmer that brings them to life in direct light. I did a quick video to show you how the colors and their reflections change when you move: the lip toppers are at the bottom, and 3 of the 4 nudes at the top (missing is 05 Sweet Glow).

A word of warning: Sephora has the pictures of the shades wrong. When you select a shade, it shows you another tube. The swatches on their website are also absurdly unrealistic - it could look like that on top of white paint, maybe! But to have an idea of what the color is like, look at the last photo. Still not true to real life but it's the most accurate they have. I think my little swatch video gives you a much more realistic view of what they look like.

Anyways, Lancôme Prismatic Plump comes in a round tube similar to the brand's Le Métallique gloss launched last year, just taller and thinner. The brand name on the black cap is written in holographic silver. The velvety applicator is flat and sort of pinched, which causes the gloss to stay at the base rather than gather at the tip. There's a very faint vanilla scent that disappears quickly.

The texture feels lightweight and spreads on the lips easily. I know it looks metallic in the tube, but once applied the Prismatic Plump is more of a sheer formula saturated with ultra-fine pearl. Passion Glow, the shade I have, contains warm pink an gold micro-shimmers that create a reflective, multi-dimensional veil of translucent color on my lips. It gives me a pink coral tint, but it remains very transparent. I can see it working very well over lipstick to add some shine and sparkle, although it's part of the nude shades rather than the lip toppers. The finish is glossy, but not the shiniest wet look you can find - the Lancôme's recently released Rosy Plump is still the best in that category.

It's really when it catches the light that this gloss comes alive. In direct sun it looks like my lips are on fire! When it does it reminds me of one of my favorite glosses of all time, Clinique Bonfire (that I reviewed years ago), except the latter is more pigmented, has much larger sparkles, and is terribly sticky (and now discontinued!).

swatch in direct sunlight
Swatch of Lancome Prismatic Plump in Passion Glow in direct sunlight

The Prismatic Plump, on the other hand, isn't sticky at all upon application. It feels light but hydrating, however it develops a slight tackiness as it wears down. It's nothing too bothering for me, and I love that it's so comfortable and adds moisture to my dry lips.

Obviously the Prismatic Plump lip gloss has the word "plump" in its name, but the description by the brand doesn't emphasize any plumping effect. It creates a very subtle minty cool sensation after a couple of minutes, but it doesn't tingle or sting like most classic lip plumpers. I don't think it makes my lips any bigger either. For me the plump factor is more of an optical illusion due to the reflective shimmer and glossiness - so if you're looking for an actual lip plumper, that's not it.

Wear time is fairly good for a gloss: the transfer isn't too bad, and I have to reapply after a couple of hours to keep the shiny finish visible.

lip swatch
Wearing the Lancome Prismatic Plump in Passion Glow


The new Lancôme Prismatic Plump may not be quite as spectacular as its name suggests, being rather sheer and not physically plumping the lips. However I really enjoy my Passion Glow, the shimmer is just beautiful when the light hits it at the right angle! If you love lip products with unusual shimmer like I do, I would recommend trying it. It could also be a good option for people who like non-sticky, wearable gloss - with the added fun shimmer. If you like Fenty Beauty's Gloss Bomb for example, I think you'd enjoy this gloss too. Personally I'm thinking of getting another shade!


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