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Today's post was written by Janette Mullegen of Authority Reports

I have seen my fair share of makeup hacks, some incredible and some just downright awful...ever heard of the hundred layer challenge? While some of these hacks may make you seem like you are the David Copperfield of makeup, (what big nose? higher cheekbones? no problem) there is just one thing that makeup cannot seem to do - make you shine on the inside. We can cover those blemishes and we can hide those dark circles but is that really the solution? Your makeup has to come off at some point, right? Concealing your face only is just not an option anymore, you need to start patching up your lifestyle and kicking bad habits first before you can get that majestic glow naturally.

In this article we will show you how to get your inner glow and the good news is that we gathered expert advice from Authority Reports, an innovative platform that provides you with factual and interesting articles about the latest health topics online. Another handy feature of this platform is that it has an abundance of helpful reviews which provides you with important and factual information about the latest health supplements.

Lets get started.


Neglecting to read the signs that your body is giving you may be a one way street to disaster. When your body is trying to tell you that something is wrong or you are lacking something in your diet there are small signals it sends you as a warning. Whether it be acne, dry skin or brittle nails you may think that the answer lies in beauty products. This could not be further from the truth. It could be that you are biotin deficient, you may not be hydrating yourself enough or you could be experiencing symptoms due to suppressed stress. The answer does not always lie in reaching for a hair thickening product because you think you have bad genes, it may be due to an underlying problem within that you are not aware of. Start becoming aware of what your body is telling you and act on it by avoiding short-term solutions and focusing on the cause instead.


No, pouting or smiling for a selfie does not count. We mean genuinely smiling, or laughing at the simple things in life. The news is filled with disaster and every day we may face challenging obstacles but the easiest way to tackle this negative energy is to let yourself shine with a smile. Laughter is the best medicine, after all. Just by laughing you reduce your blood pressure and any tension or stress you may have been bottling up. If you are worried about laugh lines just remember that laughing is an incredible immune booster which not only benefits a healthier looking skin and brighter eyes but it also helps to fight off any illnesses or cardiac disorders. The added bonus of laughter is that you are working out your abs at the same time.


We are always our own harshest critic especially when it comes to looks. It's time to start realizing that each and every one of us is different and none of us is perfect. Forget what the media considers to be beautiful and start loving you. Embrace your imperfections, work on yourself and don't try to hide assets that you consider to be flawed, I can promise you that they are not half as bad as what you make them out to be.


Offering a helping hand to someone in need is sure to get those feel good hormones raging, not only for yourself but for someone else who needs it the most. It doesn't take much time to add an extra tip for your waitress to the bill or to help someone find positivity in their own lives by complimenting them. Being kind to others is much easier than being kind to yourself but both are equally rewarding when it comes to finding your inner glow.


Meditation, yoga, or just a good old fashioned jog is a fast way to not only get you looking great but also feeling great. When you exercise you are releasing tension and clearing your mind of the day’s trouble, the same goes for meditation. You are exercising your soul and getting in touch with your emotions, feelings and realizing your inner self worth. Being at peace with who you are and finding a way to release your stress through exercise and meditation helps to not only maintain a healthy lifestyle but also a healthy mindset.

What do you do to find the inner peace, balance and happiness that makes you glow from within? Let Janette know in the comments!

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