5 Things I've Been Loving Lately - Vol II

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Lately in Beaumiroirland: it finally feels like spring, I planted sunflowers in the garden and they've sprouted, I have gone camping, I've been going to 2 or three spin classes every week plus barre, yoga and bootcamp, I switched my dark and vampy shades of makeup for light and peachy spring colors, and I rediscovered an artist that brought me back to my childhood. Here are 5 things I've been enjoying along the way - this post is directly inspired by Karen's series on Makeup And Beauty Blog.


Michael Todd Sonicblend review

If you follow me on Instagram you've probably seen me mention this weird blending brush a couple weeks ago. Basically Michael Todd's Sonicblend is an oscillating brush powered by batteries that is supposed to blend your makeup faster and better than a regular brush.

I think it applies foundation very well, but I also get good results with other application methods such as sponges or classic brushes. For cream and liquid blush however, the Sonicblend works way better than anything else I've tried. It does blend them faster than a sponge or regular brush, it doesn't lift foundation, and it blurs everything into the skin seamlessly. I have a few cream blushes, bronzers and highlighters that I don't use often because they're tricky to blend for a natural result, and I've found myself able to apply them effortlessly with this sonic brush. Being a fan of cream and liquid blush I use it a lot!


Happiness Boutique rose gold jewelry

If you follow me I think you can tell from my pictures that I don't wear much jewelry. But when I do, I prefer understated classics with a twist. A couple months ago Happiness Boutique, a jewelry webstore based in Germany, sent me two necklaces: a rose gold choker that looks like a flat chain and a necklace with a delicate pendant shaped like antlers, also rose gold. The latter is my favorite and I have been wearing it regularly since. It's adorable and small enough for my taste, but it's also rather unique and I've had several compliments on it.

happiness boutique rose gold antler pendant necklace

A word on my experience with Happiness Boutique: the package arrived from Germany within a couple weeks after shipping (I'm on the West Coast but it would likely be faster if you are on the East Coast), everything was packed well in a cute little box. They have given me a discount code that you can use if you see anything on there that you like: the code is "beaumiroir" and it gives you 10% off any order above 19 euros until June 7th. It's not an affiliate code so I don't get anything if anyone makes a purchase!


clarins instant light natural lip perfector review

This liquid lip balm is something I have been loyal to for years! It's very comfortable, smells like vanilla, and I love the sheer light pink of shade 01 for spring, which is why I've been using it a ton lately. It's not shimmery, it's a sort of milky gloss that feels very hydrating and isn't sticky or tacky at all.

The Lip Perfector is really a staple in my purse, I carry it around as a lip balm to moisturize my lips throughout the day when they feel dry. The tube has a sponge tip that makes reapplying without a mirror very easy. I reviewed it a long time ago - I'm not on the same tube of course - you can read that post for all the details.


hydro flask review insulated bottle

I'm not exactly an early adopter for anytghin. In fact when something new suddenly becomes popular, I usually dismiss it as overhyped. So when everybody and their grandmother's poodle started carrying their Hydro Flasks around and trying to tell me how these insulated bottles changed their lives, I just rolled my eyes and waited for the trend to die.

But then I got one for my birthday, and now I can see why people love them. I don't think it's life-changing, but it sure keeps my drinks hot or cold for hours and hours. I have a Contigo mug that's also pretty good at keeping my tea hot, but my new Hydro Flask keeps it at the desired temperature for about twice as long. I didn't time it but I'd say at least 5 hours.

Last weekend I went camping in Joshua Tree National Park, a desert park near Palm Springs, and it's already brutally hot during the day there. We stayed at a campground that does not have water either, which made staying hydrated a little tricky. But I filled my Hydro Flask with icy cold water right out of the cooler in the morning, kept it in the car while I was hiking and drinking from my Camelback in my backpack, and when I came back several hours later the water was still very cold, despite the car turning into a furnace. That felt really good after a hike in dry hot weather!


Unless you're a real electronic music enthusiast, over 35 or lived in Houston in the 80s, you may never have heard of this artist - I'll explain why Houston in a minute. A classically trained musician, composer and performer Jean-Michel Jarre is one of the pioneers of electronica, developing the genre as early as the late 70's. Back then using electronic equipment to create music was a novel idea and he had to make some of his instruments himself - the one he is most known for is his laser harp. It's pretty funny watching early videos from the 80s when he was using the first MAC to control his equipment, something most kids wouldn't even be able to identify as a computer today!

Anyways, as it happens Jean-Michel Jarre is also my homey: he was born in my hometown of Lyon, France, a few decades before me. Besides his music he is also a visual artist, and one of the things that made him famous are his huge outdoor concerts where he mixes electronic music, laser effects, video and fireworks. Among these concerts were the one in Houston in 1986 to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the state of Texas and 25th anniversary of NASA that gathered 1.5 million people. He holds the record of the biggest outdoor concert crowd for his Moscow concert in 1997 attended by 3.5 million people.

Back in 1986 he also did a big outdoor performance in Lyon. I was 7 then and I vividly remember the excitement and the wonder that everyone felt. The whole city was outside watching the show happening along the banks of the two rivers from the slopes of the hills. It was amazing and it's a memory of my childhood that I really cherish. So when my husband told me that Jean-Michel Jarre was coming to San Diego, of all places, I grabbed a ticket as soon as they went on sale. As it turns out, the tickets weren't selling that well... until the weekend before the concert when he performed at Coachella. Apparently the crowds weren't really there, attracted by bigger names on other stages, but the show dazzled the critics and their praises meant that the San Diego concert was eventually full.

Jean-Michel Jarre laser effects san diego concert 2018
Jean-Michel Jarre concert in San Diego

I find it weirdly satisfying that the young Coachella crowds were in awe at his visually stunning performance, especially considering he's turning 70 this year! As for the San Diego concert, Jean-Michel Jarre was everything that I remembered and so much more. His ingenuity with laser effects is just mind-boggling, and he updated his music well so everything sounds fresh and full of energy. The audience at the show was largely over 40, yet he managed to turn the venue into a hot club! One of the newer things he does is wear glasses with a camera while playing so you can see the show from his eyes on the big screens for a few songs (you can see it in the beginning of this video).

The guy has an amazing presence on the scene and his shows are unlike anything you'll ever see. If you ever have a chance to see him live I strongly recommend it! As for me, the show took me back a few decades to a place and time I always want to remember fondly. But it was also a blast I enjoyed every minute of, and so did my husband, who doesn't have any personal connection to Jean-Michel Jarre or his music.


How have you been lately, and what have you been enjoying?

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