Skincare: A Peptides Cocktail With Jan Marini's Transformation Face Cream

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You know that I'm always on the hunt for effective antiaging skincare. As I'm getting close to 40 signs of aging are becoming a real concern, and I want to use skincare products that contain the best ingredients to keep my skin youthful as long as possible. Jan Marini's Transformation Face Cream, a recent addition to my routine, is packed with peptides and antioxidants. Keep reading for my thoughts on this moisturizer!

The Transformation Face Cream comes in a luxurious jar that is made of transparent and silver plastic components. It contains 1 oz of moisturizer, which is a little less than my usual face creams.

The first thing you would notice when opening the pretty jar is that this moisturizer smells like fruit flavored yogurt. The scent is rather strong - it seems to be usual for Jan Marini's skincare products - and while I find it pleasant, it could be a problem for people who are sensitive to fragrance.

The texture of the Transformation Face Cream is light and gel-like, rather than very creamy. It glides well on the skin and penetrates quickly, without leaving a residue on the surface. It packs a good amount of moisture for such a lightweight cream that doesn't feel oily at all! It leaves my skin feeling well hydrated and soft, with just a bit of dewiness.

The patented formula of this Face Cream is interesting and includes a ton of promising ingredients. Jan Marini mentions the presence of growth factor TGF Beta-1 at a high concentration. From my quick research this molecule is a polypeptide, and the cream is indeed packed with a number of peptides. Peptides are fragments of protein, and there's mounting research showing that they can help restore and revitalize skin.

Besides the peptides, the Transformation Face Cream also contains hyaluronic acid, aloe and squalane, three ingredients that provide moisture, yeast, and antioxidant vitamins A, C and E. Jan Marini presents this moisturizer as a way to "go beyond simple hydration" and I think it delivers on its promises. Not only does it hydrate skin very well all day long without feeling heavy, it also contains a cocktail of ingredients that can help protect and repair skin from environmental damage.


Jan Marini's Transformation Face Cream is a good option for someone looking to introduce more antiaging ingredients into their skincare routine. With peptides and antioxidants it provides skin restoring benefits that you couldn't get from a more basic day cream.


The Transformation Face Cream can be found on Jan Marini's website or at Dermstore.

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