Sephora Sale Haul: It's All About The Lips!

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Hey friends! If you are a Rouge member of the Sephora rewards program, did you partake in the first weekend of their spring sale? I'm sure a lot of you did, because many products in my wish list were sold out after just a few hours! I had to limit myself and I decided to buy... all the lipsticks. My package has already arrived so let's take a look at what I got!

With the Sun Safety Set and the small Urban Decay x Kristen Leanne palette already gone on Friday morning, I bought a handful of lip products by French brands... What can I say, you know I'm a lipstick addict and I just love those brands! So here's everything I purchased - quick swatches are at the bottom:

- the new Guerlain Rouge G lipstick in shade 06 with the case design called Minimal Chic: of course I had to get one of these new and exciting refillable lipsticks by Guerlain! The Rouge G has always been the brand's most luxurious lip product, and if I'm perfectly honest the faux marble case is a little below my expectations. It's cute from a distance but if you look really closely, it kind of looks like the pattern was made on an inkjet printer. I hesitated a lot when picking the case and now I wish I had chosen one in faux leather instead.

Guerlain new Rouge G marble white case

Guerlain new Rouge G lipstick in 06

- Lancôme Prismatic Plump Lip Gloss in Passion Glow: this was a last minute add-on to my wish list. I had never heard of this new product, but I visited a store the day before the sale started to swatch all the products I was interested in, and I just stumbled upon it. It's a gloss with multi-dimensional shimmer that comes in 8 shades: four sheer toppers and four nude colors. FYI the Sephora website has their swatches all mixed up, so look at the photo with arm swatches to get a better idea (although the colors are definitely not as bold and the formula not as pigmented as they make it look!). Again I hesitated a lot before picking Passion Glow, but the coral gold shimmer convinced me. Below is a video of the shades I swatched in store (sheer toppers at bottom, nudes on top with Sweet Glow missing).

Lancome new Prismatic Plump Gloss in Passion Glow

- Dior Addict Lacquer Plump in Diorly and Platinum: I really wanted to test this new formula that is getting quite a few negative reviews on Sephora's website at the moment. I decided to get both a shimmer and a cream shade to properly test the range. I hope I won't regret buying two shades!

new Dior Addict Lacquer Plump in Diorly and Platinum

- YSL Volupté Liquid Color Balm in Grab Me Red: I was also very curious about this new formula, being a big fan of YSL lip products in general. I've been wearing it since Tuesday, the day I received my package, and it's quite different from what I expected! I'll have a review up for #FrenchFriday this week.

new ysl volupte liquid color balm in grab me red

- I also got two 100-point perks: the Buxom Full-On Lip Cream in White Russian and Laura Mercier Caviar Stick in Vanilla Kiss. I had heard a lot of rave reviews specifically about the shade White Russian, but I must warn you that this mini is tiny. It's more of a sample than a deluxe size if you ask me! As for Vanilla Kiss, I enjoy the nude matte shades in the Caviar Stick range but didn't own one light enough to just cancel out discoloration on my lids. This one is the perfect shade for my skin tone for a no-makeup result.

buxom full-on lip cream white russian laura mercier caviar stick vanilla kiss

swatches guerlain rouge g 06 dior addict plump lacquer diorly platinum ysl volupte liquid color balm grab me red lancome prismatic plum lip gloss passion glow
Swatches top to bottom: Guerlain new Rouge G in 06 (it's not shimmery, just glossy)
YSL Volupte Liquid Color Balm in Grab Me Red, Dior Addict Lacquer Plump in Platinum,
Dior Addict Lacquer Plump in Diorly (more fuchsia pink in person),
Lancome Prismatic Plump Lip Gloss in Passion Glow (more coral in person)

What did you get, if you already shopped the sale? And what's in your cart for the main weekend of the sale starting Friday?


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