#FrenchFriday : New Dior Addict Lacquer Plump - Hit Or Miss?

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It's always an event when Dior releases a new lipstick formula, and the brand made the launch of this new Dior Addict Lacquer Plump a very big deal, with glitzy videos featuring supermodels and ads in all the magazines. Soon it started raining on Dior's parade though, with the first reviews from customers being very critical. Of course I was curious to try this unusually controversial lippie so I bought it in two shades: creamy Diorly and glittery Platinum. Is it as bad the online reviews say? Keep reading to find out!

First, what exactly is the Dior Addict Lacquer Plump? According to Dior it's a revolutionary "plumping lacquered lip ink long-wear colour" formula. It's trying to be a lot of things at once: a glossy lacquer, a lip plumper, a highly pigmented lip color, a lip ink, and even lip treatment. Can a lip product really be all these things at once? That would be a challenge, but the brand promises an innovative formula that tints the lips for 8 hours while provide extra hydration for 24 hours, in a lightweight ultra-fine texture. Sounds tempting right?

The packaging of the Lacquer Plump is fun but not new to the brand: it's exactly the same as the Dior Addict Fluid Stick launched in 2014, with just a black inner tube on the upper part rather than a silver one (you can see the Fluid Stick in this old post). What looks like a lipstick bullet is in fact the liquid gloss in a clear tube. The Lacquer Plump shares more similarities with the Fluid Stick than just the packaging, but more on that later.

The Dior Addict Lacquer Plump feels like a very pigmented gloss. The texture is very thin and liquid-y, yet it packs a great amount of vibrant color. I've read some negative reviews saying that it is very sheer, but it's not my experience with Diorly or Platinum. It could be a problem with the lighter shades, but both colors I bought are very intense, although not completely opaque. Maybe full opacity is what people were expecting from a product called "lacquer"?

Unfortunately the fact that they're not 100% opaque, letting the natural lips peek through, makes them messy. Diorly in particular is hard to apply evenly, it has a tendency to look patchy and I get lighter lines if I pinch my lips together. Another thing that causes it to look imperfect on my lips is the bloody applicator Dior chose to use. It is to the regular doe-foot fuzzy applicator what the Angora goat is to the regular goat: it's got looong hair. But why? Who thought it was a good idea? This longer than usual fuzz makes it so much harder to control where the color is going. In the Cupid's bow area and corners of my lips in particular, I find it very difficult not to get a dot or line way past my lip line because of the material this applicator is made of. It's not so visible with Platinum, but with Diorly I have such a hard time getting a decent look!

Diorly is described as a wine by Dior, but I would say that it's a dark berry. It has a strong pink tone that didn't want to show up in my pictures, where for some reason it wanted to look red. This problem usually happens with neon shades, so I don't know why Diorly was so hard to photograph. If I tried to correct my pictures colors to make it look closer to the reality, everything around it (including my skin) looked blue. So the photo below is the one that's closest to real life.

Platinum is a pink champagne metallic. It looks like it's saturated with glitter when swatched, but on the lips it looks more like a smooth metal finish. This one, being lighter, looks a little less messy than Diorly. It's quite a statement color though, and one I will have a hard time wearing.

Regarding the finish, I do get a shiny coat on my lips. Is it as glossy as Dior made it sound though? I don't think so. It's just a regular amount of shine, but it doesn't have the wet lips effect of some glosses or lip stains I own. If that's what you're looking for, get the Lancôme Rôsy Plump and apply it on top of your lipstick of the day - glossiest gloss ever. For a "lacquer", the Lacquer Plump isn't very impressive in that regard. On a positive note, it's not sticky at all and it feels lightweight on the lips.

wearing diorly

What about the long-wearing claim then? Well, Diorly does stain my lips. BUT, there's a big but, it doesn't fade evenly at all. The stain can be super dark on the outer part of my lips and completely gone in the center. And the dryer areas of my lips get stained a lot more, which emphasizes the dryness. Honestly, once the glossiness is gone, it's not pretty, it's just another kind of messy. Platinum, on the other hand, doesn't stain, but I do get sparkles that cling to my lips for a while. After a meal though, it's completely gone.

wearing Platinum

As for the lip plumping and hydrating effect, I didn't notice them. I don't get the usual tingling feeling that lip plumpers have, and I don't see any difference in how my lips look. I also certainly don't find this formula hydrating. In fact I don't think it's particularly comfortable to wear for someone with dry lips like mine. After a couple hours all I can think of is get some lip balm on there.


To be honest I just don't get what Dior was trying to achieve here. The Dior Addict Lacquer Plump, for me, doesn't deliver on any of its promises. It's not plumping, it's not hydrating, it's not shockingly glossy, some shades don't last, and others stain the lips in an awfully uneven way. I feel like this is an updated version of the Dior Addict Fluid Stick I previously mentioned, but with less shine and less opacity. If you want an opaque, super shiny gloss that stains the lips, get the YSL Vinyl Cream (my review). If you want a plumping gloss with beautiful shine and shimmer, get the new Lancôme Prismatic Plump (review coming soon). If you want a super comfortable liquid formula that lasts hours, get the new YSL Liquid Color Balm (my review). This Lacquer Plump is trying to be too many things at once and doesn't do any of them well in my opinion.


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