Budget beauty: purple shine with Wet n Wild Goth-o-Graphic

I know, I keep being disappointed by Wet n Wild makeup products like I told you here and there, and yet I keep buying them. What can I say, I always hope that I'll discover that one elusive drugstore gem we're all looking for! Wet n Wild recently released a new and limited edition collection called Goth-o-Graphic for Spring 2018, with lots of duochrome purples. I was lucky enough to find a display at my local drugstore and grabbed two of the products: the MegaGlo highlighting powder in Purple Ashes and MegaLast Liquid Catsuit eyeshadow in Goth Tears. Were they misses again or did we finally get hits from Wet n Wild? Let's find out!

The packaging fits well with the collection theme: the products have holographic print and skull patterns. It's cute and not overdone!


Last time I tried a liquid eyeshadow from Wet n Wild, it was a dark teal from their 2017 Midnight Mermaid collection, and it was a disaster. It was sheer, patchy, and impossible to build up to full coverage. I just threw it away.

So when I saw the Goth-o-Graphic display, I remembered my lesson and I went for a light shade, much more likely to look good as a wash of color on the eye. And it is, indeed, very sheer and watery. It's a cool metallic shade of pale lavender with tons of irregularly shaped sparkles. The texture is a bit weird, those sparkle shards almost feel like... fish scales? Anyways, while you can build up the shadow for more opacity, it becomes very textured and flakey because of these particles. They don't feel super safe to be worn around the eye, to be honest, and when I did my eyes were irritated at the end of the day.

The sparkles give Goth Tears a very glittery, reflective finish. The problem is that they tend to fall out throughout the day. You can't really blend this liquid shadow, at least not when it's dry. It just causes all the sparkles to detach from the lid and fall onto your face. You can only blur the edges while it's still wet.

So this is a finicky formula that, for me, can only work in two ways: as a sheer wash of shimmer all over the eye lid, all by itself; or as an accent glitter on top of a finished look (like at the center of the lid with your halo eye looks, or inner corner with a purple smokey). I can't deny that the color is pretty, but the very textured finish isn't my favorite.

And, something I need to mention, my tube of Liquid Catsuit Eyeshadow is leaking. This isn't the first time I've had this problem with Wet n Wild liquid products in the recent past. I've had liquid lipsticks from them leaking too. I know their products are cheap, but leaky tubes are a big quality issue that isn't acceptable even from a drugstore brand. After having my makeup bag ruined a couple times by the brand I'm growing really frustrated!


There are two pressed powder highlighters in the Goth-o-Graphic collection: Purple Ashes and White Raven, an off-white with blue reflections. The latter would have been the safer choice for my light complexion, but I decided to get Purple Ashes nonetheless. It's just completely unique in my highlighter collection! It's a dusty grayish pink base with a strong rosy lilac shift and some pink sparkles.

The question is, can "purple ashes" really look good on my skin tone? The answer, surprisingly, is yes, as long as this highlighter is applied sparingly. With a light hand, I get a beautiful, rosy sheen without much visible glitter, and no sign of the grayish base color. Applied more heavily it does look weird on my complexion, so the key for me is really to be very light-handed. It pairs well with plum, berry and neutral to cool nude blush colors. I wasn't sure at all how this shade would work on me, but it turns out I really like it! And I have absolutely nothing else in my makeup collection that looks remotely like it.

The texture feels smooth and buttery, although sometimes you can catch the gritty feeling of one of the larger sparkles. It blends into the skin with ease and lasts all day on me.

Top: Purple Ashes
Bottom: Goth Tears

wearing full face picture look motd lotd fotd
Wearing Goth Tears on the eyes and Purple Ashes on the cheek bones


One half fail and a hit, that's not bad considering I spent less than $10 total with a sale! I would only recommend the liquid eyeshadows to people who are experienced with makeup and could use them as accent glitter toppers. The powder highlight, on the other hand, is very good quality and if you want to be a little more adventurous with color, Purple Ashes is a great pick. One thing I would strongly suggest avoiding in this collection are the liquid eyeliners. The one I got in the Midnight Mermaid collection last year dried out in 10 days and was unusable!


Look for the display at your local drugstore - this collection officially launched more than a month ago, but if your drugstore is anything like mine, they might just be receiving it now. Online, you can currently only find it at Wet n Wild's website.

The products featured in this review were purchased by me. I received no compensation to write this post, which only reflects my personal opinion. This post does not contain affiliate links. 

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