#FrenchFriday : Lancome Le Petit Teint Macaron For Spring 2018

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For spring 2018 Lancôme is all about sweetness: the brand released a dessert inspired collection called French Temptation that mixes pastels with brighter pops of color. While Les Toppings Eyeshadow Palette might be the most eye-catching piece, I couldn't resist Le Petit Teint Macaron: a cream blush and sponge blender duo, both in the shape of macaroons!

I don't think I really have a sweet tooth, but macaroons are something I can't resist. In the neighborhood I used to live in my hometown of Lyon, France, we had an amazing pastry shop that made some of the best macarons I ever had, easily competing with the famous Ladurée. It's called Bouillet, and I actually shot a pic when I visited last August. You're welcome.

A few yummy desserts at Bouillet, Lyon, France

Lancôme definitely nailed the packaging with Le Petit Teint Macaron. The two pieces come in a little box like high-end macaroons and the details look very real, including the uneven edges of the almond meringue on the sides. It is absolutely adorable, and if you're a fan of cute beauty products you'd certainly squeal like I did when you first see it.

This duo comes in two shades: Coral Whipped Cream, with a raspberry sponge blender, and Rose Whipped Cream, with a pistachio blender, the one I bought. The latter is currently only available on Lancôme's website, while the coral version is sold at Sephora and department stores such as Macy's (be careful with Ulta, they have the picture of the Rose Whipped Cream but the description says it's the Coral, so I'm not sure what you'd end up getting).

macaroon shaped makeup by French beauty brand lancome

Unscrew the top of the pink macaron to separate the two halves and reveal the pink cream blush. It is unscented - I kind of expected it to smell like rose or vanilla to match the dessert theme, but I guess a fragrance-free product is best for most people. The texture is very lightweight and the "whipped cream" description is rather accurate. It's not a mousse, so it's pressed rather than loose in the container. But you get the sensation of a very airy, thin cream when you run your finger on the surface. Once applied to the skin is dries down to a matte powdery finish. It's not one of those cream blushes that will remain sticky or look dewy or oily on your skin at all.

This Rose Whipped Cream reminds me a lot of the Blush Subtil Crème, a formula that Lancôme never added to their permanent line but brings back regularly in limited edition seasonal collection. This one feels a little creamier to the touch, but that could just be because it's brand new while my other Blush Subtil Crèmes are a few years old. You can see the bright coral and soft peach I own.

The Petit Teint Macaron is very easy to blend on the cheeks with fingertips or with a brush. It doesn't lift the foundation underneath and it sort of fuses with the skin for a zero texture effect. The pigmentation is perfect for me: it's vibrant but not so opaque that it requires too much buffing and blending. The final result is very natural and skin-like, as if you just took a brisk walk outside. Rose Whipped Cream is a cool toned medium pink, a very fresh color that brightens my complexion. It tends to turn warm on me - any blush color does - and gives me the prettiest rosy flush.

Now about the pistachio blender. It's very cute and I want to love it, but I just don't. It's a good quality sponge, dense and soft, but it doesn't work well to blend out this blush with its very thin texture. When I tried to use it I ended up with patchy application. Plus, it's kind of sad when it gets dirty. To be honest, I wish Lancôme would have sold the cream blush macaron by itself, without the blender, and lowered the price to something around $30. This duo is $40 and that's very expensive for a small cream blush and a cute sponge that I will only use as a prop for Instagram pictures.


Lancôme's Le Petit Teint Macaron is an adorable cream blush for spring 2018 that's a dream come true for lovers of cute packaging. It's also a very pretty blush with a lightweight, easy to blend texture that provides a natural finish. If you couldn't help say "Aww!" out loud when you saw my pictures, then it's for you!


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