Skincare: VII Code T2 Oxygen Eye Cream Review

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Are you attracted to beauty products when they come in beautiful packaging? Do you pick the pretty jar rather than the boring tube if you have a choice? Do you like to splurge on your skincare? If you answer yes to these questions, then VII Code T2 Oxygen Eye Cream would be right up your alley!

There's no denying that the VII Code T2 Oxygen Eye Cream jar is absolutely stunning, with it vibrant metallic blue container suspended in a shiny clear plastic base. Even better, it comes in a luxurious leather pouch that I can see myself re-using a lot. At $99 (on Amazon) for 5 ml and $284 for 15 ml the price tag reflects the luxurious packaging. I don't know about you, but using a niche high-end skincare product makes me feel special!

Besides its good looks, this eye cream also packs an impressive amount a great ingredients with proven benefits for the skin, including a lot of natural plant extracts. There's jojoba and apricot oils, squalane, hyaluronic acid, arnica extract, soybean, rice bran, green tea, aloe, sea buckthorn and more. According to the brand, the plant extracts are obtained through a process using a stone mortar. With its antioxidant rich formula, the eye cream is supposed to increase skin's ability to repair itself and be protected from environmental factors like pollution and stress.

The T2 Oxygen Eye Cream is a lightweight gel-cream that penetrates easily but provides a good amount of moisture. It has a pleasant floral scent and doesn't feel greasy at all. The inner lid houses a crescent-shaped applicator to massage the under-eye area and activate blood circulation for better absorption of all the beneficial ingredients.

The moon-shaped massager

Having used this eye cream for several weeks now, I find that it leaves my skin smooth and nicely hydrated. The fine lines under my eyes caused by dehydration are a lot less marked, which helps prevent my makeup from creasing. In the morning I generally apply it with my fingertips rather than the applicator (just because it's quicker!), and it sinks into my skin quickly. When I do use the massage crescent I notice that my eye area is less puffy, so I try to do it regularly at night.


The T2 Oxygen Eye Cream by VII Code is a high-end product that I would recommend to people who like to treat themselves! The packaging is outstanding and the cream itself contains a lot of excellent ingredient to help moisturize and de-puff the eye area.


This post was sponsored by VII Code. All opinions are my own.

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