#FrenchFriday : Guerlain's heart-shaped KissKiss LoveLove lipstick for spring 2018

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It looks like Guerlain had Valentine's Day in mind when they created their spring 2018 makeup collection! I bought a couple items from this new lauch as soon as I found them, and first I want to show you the adorable KissKiss LoveLove lipstick with its heart-shaped bullet. Lots of photos after the jump!

The LoveLove comes in Guerlain's classic KissKiss lipstick case, but instead of being black as usual it is off white with a strong pink iridescence that becomes visible in direct light. I couldn't quite capture the effect in my pictures but you should be able to see a hint of pink on the tube. It's very pretty and perfectly suitable for spring.

The most striking aspect of this lipstick is, of course, its heart-shaped bullet. Sadly you'll notice that mine apparently bumped around inside the tube during transport so it's not as perfect as it should. But it's still darn cute! And it would make a perfect gift for Valentine's Day (*wink wink*). The curvature of the heart also hugs my Cupid's bow nicely and makes the lipstick easy to apply.

The LoveLove lipstick has the same formula as the rest of the KissKiss permanent range. The texture is very thin and melts on the lips, giving it a lot of slip. It is semi-opaque and has a very glossy finish. It contains ingredients to nourish and smooth the lips such as hyaluronic acid and mango butter. I find it very comfortable to wear, it's nicely hydrating despite being so lightweight.

When I ordered my lipstick there were only two shades available, however now I see that there is a total of five classic hues: red, coral, beige, pink and orange. I have the "beige", named #KK<3Beige. I scratched my head for a while wondering what Kim Kardashian had to do with this lipstick, before realizing that the KK referred to KissKiss. Between the heart shape that evokes Korean beauty and the hashtag shade names, it really looks like Guerlain is trying to refresh their image and maybe appeal to a younger audience this season.

Swatch of Guerlain KissKiss LoveLove Lipstick in #KK<3Beige

Anyways, #KK<3Beige is in no way beige at all, so if you're looking for a nude this is not it! This shade is actually a rather vibrant and warm mid-toned peach. It's a flattering color on my skin tone and it will look perfect with soft spring eye looks. I went a bit overboard trying to make dark pink work on my eyes in my full face picture (using Smashbox Ablaze palette), but I'll pair it with more pastel colors when the season comes.

full face pic fotd motd wearing #KK<3Beige
Wearing Guerlain KissKiss LoveLove Lipstick in #KK<3Beige

Unfortunately like many other light, semi-opaque lipsticks #KK<3Beige has a tendency to sink into lip lines, emphasize dryness and look patchy if I rub my lips together. I have to work a bit to achieve a smooth and even result. But surprisingly it looks better after a few minutes than just after application - I guess the smoothing and hydrating ingredients need a moment to have a visible effect. This shade leaves a stain on my lips, which is rather unexpected for a light glossy lipstick, so it lasts longer that I thought it would.


Guerlain's KissKiss LoveLove is obviously a lipstick you should only buy if you fall in love with the adorable heart-shaped bullet and pearlescent pink tube - and there's nothing wrong with wanting a little bit of cuteness in your makeup life! Beyond the limited edition packaging, it's the usual KissKiss lipstick formula: thin, glossy and nicely hydrating.


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