#FrenchFriday : Dior new 5 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette in Thrill for spring 2018

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Are you ready for spring? Even if you're buried under several inches of snow, it's time to start taking a look at the new spring 2018 makeup products that have started popping up in stores. Dior has launched a seasonal collection called Glow Addict that I can describe in one word: pink! Today I have one of the main pieces in the lineup to show you, the 5 Couleurs Glow Addict eyeshadow quint in Thrill.

I have to admit that I'm usually not a big fan of pink. So I was naturally attracted to the other palette in Dior's spring collection, called Flirt, which features peach, purple and black shades. But then I remembered that one of my intentions for 2018 was to try new things, so I decided to get out of my comfort zone and purchase Thrill instead.

Both palettes in the Glow Addict launch have a limited edition design, with a textured pattern on the shadows that evokes a tulle fabric. The center shade also has the name Dior in what looks like tiny sewing stitches. It is very pretty, but unfortunately it fades quickly when you start using them.

Thrill is a beautiful selection of floral pinks for the season. It includes:

- a shimmery light cool pink with a subtle blue shift. I wouldn't describe it as a strong duochrome but it definitely flashes blue-ish at certain angles. It's a very unique shade for Dior!
- an almost white, very pale frosty pink. This one is perfect to use as an opalescent highlight under the brow or in the inner corner of the eye.
- a bold pearlescent hot pink.
- a very shimmery, almost metallic silvery mauve.
- a plum in a satin matte finish. You can see some sparkles in this shade on the swatches in direct sunlight, but in practice it looks like a soft matte on the lids.

The shimmers are all semi-sheer, while the plum is closer to semi-opaque and buildable. All the shades are very luminous, the photos don't do them any justice in that regard! They also play really well together to create varied looks that will all be very fresh, pink and glowy, but that can be more subdued or bright depending on how much of the hot pink I use.

In terms of texture, the shimmers are a tad powdery, with some kickback or chunkiness for the most sparkly ones (hot pink and silvery mauve). However they melt on the skin and look very smooth on the eyes. The silvery mauve is the only color that causes fallout for me with its more glittery metallic finish. It looks most striking, as in fully metallic, when applied with a finger or the included sponge applicators. The matte plum is very thin, and it can get a little bit patchy when I build it to achieve full pigmentation. On the other hand it blends beautifully into the other shades.

I tried a few different looks with this palette and my favorite was a halo with the plum in both the inner and outer corner, the silvery mauve on the center of the lid, the hot pink in the crease, blended into the light pink just above the crease, and the pinkish white under the brow bone and on the tear duct. I also used the plum and hot pink on the lower lash line.

full face fotd pink halo eye look

The camera couldn't capture how these translucent shades play with the light, but trust me when I say that it was sparkly! It's also a very trendy color combination - what's interesting is that I've avoided hot pink shades like the plague because I always felt like they made me look ill, but I can use Dior's semi-sheer, reflective version without any issue. And I love it! I'm so glad that I went out of my comfort zone to pick Thrill rather than Flirt, it allowed me to try looks that are completely new to me.

closeup pink halo eye look


Thrill is a stunning selection of opalescent pinks for fresh, trendy spring looks. If you like shadows that deliver full pigmentation in one swipe, it might not be the palette for you. But if you prefer shades that you can build with luminous, glowing finishes, you will probably love it.


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