How I keep my adult acne under control with Zapzyt


get rid of zits fast with benzoyl peroxide spot treatment

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Never in my life had I struggled with acne as much as I have in the past few years.  From the day I turned 35, I’ve been suffering almost constantly from breakouts, always on my chin and along my jaw line. The deep cysts I usually get are quite painful, and they can take many days to go away on their own. Because I’m not a teen any longer, my skin doesn’t heal as well and as fast as it used to, so I have lots of red marks and shallow scars around the chin.

I mostly have it under control now (knocking on wood!), but just a few months ago I would keep getting one monster zit after another. Not only do they look horrible, they also hurt, and the longer they last, the more likely I am to get a scar. So for me, when the problem zit is there, it’s crucial to find a fast-acting solution to get rid of it before it causes too much damage to my skin. Luckily I’ve found exactly the right product to help me zap zits fast: Zapzyt Acne Treatment Gel.

This spot treatment is a lightweight, scent-free white gel that feels refreshing and is easily absorbed into the skin, leaving no residue on the surface. It contains benzoyl peroxide, an ingredient with a proven effect on the bacteria that causes acne, at a 10% concentration, which is the maximum strength for over-the-counter treatments.

I tried lots of other benzoyl peroxide spot treatments before finding Zapzyt, and none of them worked as quickly while being so gentle. Some of them just didn’t seem to do anything to treat my pimples, others made my skin even more red and so dry it would peel (I made the mistake of buying a no-brand gel on Amazon once that even caused contact dermatitis…).

What makes Zapzyt acne treatment gel different is that it’s water based and doesn’t contain alcohol, an ingredient that is very irritating and makes the inflammation around the pimple worse. With its effective non-irritating formula, Zapzyt is proven to reduce the appearance of zits in just 5 hours. That’s exactly what I need! It’s also very easy to incorporate into my existing skincare routine – I just spot treat whenever needed – and the small tube always comes with me when I’m away from home in case a bad zit shows up. There's nothing like a huge red spot to ruin your vacation photos!

I have found the solution to treat problem zits fast with Zazpyt if they appear, but it’s even better if they never show up. Here’s what I do to prevent chronic acne – these tips have really helped me in the past few months:

- regularly use products containing salicylic acid (BHA) such as Zapzyt Pore Clearing Scrub and Acne Wash Cleanser on the areas where I get the most zits.
- use these anti-acne products daily around the time of my period, which is when painful zits are most likely to form for me.
- make sure my skin gets enough hydration from my skincare products and avoid anything too drying. I had to give up clay and charcoal masks because they dried out my skin and caused a rebound effect with more acne.
- always remove my makeup before a workout and wash my face after exercising. That one is just as important as never going to bed with my makeup on!
- never use physical exfoliation (scrubs or rotating brushes) on an active zit. It exacerbates the inflammation and the zit takes forever to heal.
- watching my diet. Everyone is different so try to be mindful of what you eat and see if your acne flares up when you consume particular foods. I know that when I eat too much food that is rich in fat, I tend to get more zits – even the “good fat” like avocado and nuts. I have a friend who breaks out when she eats strawberries.


Zapzyt helps me avoid scarring from adult acne by getting rid of problem zits fast. It’s easy to find at Walmart and at just over $5 it’s the perfect affordable solution to treat the pesky zits that we all get at least once in a while!

Where to buy?

You can buy the whole Zapzyt range, including the Acne Treatment Gel, at Walmart stores.

This post is sponsored. Rest assured that I only share honest opinions after testing the products myself.

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