Holiday 2017 Reviews: Becca Apres Ski Glow Face Palette

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11/22 UPDATE: this palette is currently on sale at Sephora for only $35!
Welcome to Holiday 2017 Reviews, a series of posts where I'll look into new makeup products for the holidays and tell you if they're worth buying! For our first post, let's talk about a popular new release: Becca's Après Ski Glow Face Palette. Would it make a good gift or holiday treat for yourself? Let's find out!

The Glow Face Palette is one of two products in Becca's new Après Ski collection for the holidays. The other one is the Eye Palette, that I decided to pass on based on very mixed reviews. I hesitated a bit before buying the face palette, but eventually purchased it since I don't own very many products from Becca.

rose quartz icicle winter berry blushed copper opal bronzed bondi

The Après Ski Glow Face Palette contains 6 shades of Becca's best-selling blush, bronzer and highlighter formulas. Only 2 are new: the Icicle highlighter and Winter Berry blush. The other shades are either part of the permanent range or have been released before. Of note, the palette is made in the USA just like Becca's permanent range (some brands like Tarte usually produce in the US but have their holiday sets made in China). For $54 you get 6 different shades, which I think makes this palette a great value - unless you already own some of these shades. Each pan is 2.55g (0.09oz), which is more than what you get in Becca's travel-size highlighters (2.4 g) that retail for $19 each.

Here are all the shades you get in this palette:

- Rose Quartz highlighter: a pretty light pink with golden shimmer.
- Icicle highlighter: an icy white with a blue sheen.
- Winter Berry Mineral Blush: I really wouldn't describe this shade as a berry! For me it's a deep coral pink with warm undertones. There is very fine shimmer when you look closely in the pan, but in practice it looks matte once applied.
- Blushed Copper Luminous Blush: a rich, shimmery copper
- Opal highlighter: Becca's best-selling shade of powder highlighter, a metallic neutral beige.
- Bronzed Bondi Sunlit Bronzer: a neutral to warm bronzer with subtle gold shimmer.

swatch rose quartz icicle winter berry blushed copper opal bronzed bondi

In terms of quality, I found all shades to be nicely pigmented and blendable. Winter Berry feels very dry to the touch in its pan and doesn't swatch well at all, but I have no issue applying it with a brush. Blushed Copper is very intense and quite deep so it's really hard to pull off on my light skin tone. I have to use the tiniest amount and blend a lot, so for me it's not the most wearable shade despite being such a beautiful color. I was concerned Bronzed Bondi would also be too dark for my complexion, but surprisingly it turned out to be my favorite shade in this palette! It's pigmented enough to warm up my skin in a couple brush swipes, but still easy to blend and sheer out. The three highlighters are soft and buildable for a light glow or a more metallic finish if desired. None of them have the larger sparkles that give the glittery cheek effect I generally try to avoid. Icicle seems to be the one people are most drawn to, and it's definitely the more unique shade in this palette. It works well to create a strong, icy glow that will look very pretty in the winter.

luminous mineral blush sunlit bronzer

Overall I think all these shades play well together, especially if you want to create the popular sculpted cheek look with the bronzer right under your cheekbone, a blush on the center of the cheekbone and a highlighter on the very top of the cheekbone. Winter Berry + Icicle will give you a very winter-y look while Blushed Copper + Opal creates a warm glow.

The packaging of the Après Ski face palette is sturdy and well designed, with a huge mirror and a "winter wonderland" inspiration. I know most people love it but I'm personally not such a big fan. The entire compact is basically a mirror, since it's silver with a blue tint. It attracts fingerprints like crazy, so you'll need to keep cleaning it with a microfiber cloth if you're a neat freak. The pale blue icicle pattern on the lid is a little plain in my opinion. It would have looked better with a metallic or glittery effect. Again, that is just my opinion and there's nothing wrong or ugly about this packaging, I just don't find it that exciting.

packaging compact palette icicle

Good gift for someone who:

- Doesn't already own a lot of Becca products. Since only 2 shades are new, a Becca fan is likely to own at least a couple of the other shades in this palette. I didn't own a single one, which is why it was such a great buy for me.
- Doesn't already own other Becca face palettes. If you/the person you want to give it to already own the Champagne Pop or the Chrissy Teigen palettes, then the Après Ski is really not a must-have. The shades are not dupes, but once applied and blended the overall effect is very similar. I do own Champagne Pop and I actually prefer the Après Ski: it contains more shades, the blushes blend better and the highlighters have less large sparkles, which is more to my taste. But I could create the same sculpted cheek with either one of these palettes.
- Has a light to medium-dark skin tone. Fair skin tones would likely be unable to wear Blushed Copper and Bronzed Bondi, while Winter Berry could be a little too bright. On the other hand, deep skin tones would probably find Bronzed Bondi useless and Winter Berry not pigmented enough to show up.
- Likes highlighters and blush but isn't looking for very unique shades. Icicle is the only color that's a little different, but other brands have done a light blue before (like this one at the drugstore). All the other shades are very dupable, including Winter Berry, which looks incredibly similar to the blushes in the previous Becca face palettes. I wish they would have included a true berry or plum instead for variety!

Where to buy?

UPDATE: this palette is currently on sale at Sephora for $46, which makes it an even sweeter deal!

sunlit bronzer highlighter pressed mineral luminous blush rose quartz opal icicle winter berry blushed copper bronzed bondi

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