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Did you know that I was blonde as a kid? My family describes my hair then as having a "golden wheat" color. As I grew up, my hair started to darken to the light-medium brown you see today. My mom hoped to keep me a blondie, so she made me use shampoos and conditioners with unusual ingredients such as egg or chamomile to lighten my hair (the one with egg smelled pretty bad!). They never seemed to do much, at least not as much as the summer sun. But I just found the one product that actually works: SunIn.

I easily get lovely golden highlights if I stay in the sun throughout the summer, and I really like how it brings life to my natural color. But frequent exposure to UV rays damages my hair, making it dry and brittle, and how am I supposed to keep this pretty look in the winter? Well, so far I couldn't, and if you saw me in January I'd have plain brown, dull roots and almost blonde tips. Luckily with SunIn I've found just what I need to create the natural highlights I love without the sun, year-round.

SunIn is alcohol-free and conditions the hair while it lightens. I have very fine hair that gets damaged easily, and after using the product it felt very soft and looked perfectly healthy. Using SunIn didn't affect the texture or strength of my hair at all, and that's really important for me! I tried getting highlights at the salon once and it was a catastrophic experience: the highlighted strands were way too light, and my hair was devastated. Nothing like that with SunIn, I got very natural highlights and no damage to my hair! And of course the cost of regular visits to the salon to maintain highlights is prohibitive compared to the price of a bottle of SunIn ($4.38) which will last months.

SunIn is also very easy to use: you just spray it on damp hair, blow dry et voilĂ ! The lightening ingredients in SunIn are heat-activated, so your blow dryer is all you need to achieve natural highlights. If you use it in the summer you could also go sit in the sun, but blow drying has the same effect.

I've done a before/after pic to show you how it lightens my hair. As you can see the result is very natural, my hair just looks a little lighter and more golden, exactly as it does when I stay in the sun. Of course I could repeat application of SunIn a few times to go even lighter, but what you see is really what I'm happy with. Nobody can tell I used a product to lighten my hair, yet its color is a little more lively and bright, as opposed to the dull brown it grows back to in the winter. I insisted on the strands around my face and got really nice golden highlights to frame my features.

Before/after using SunIn
My hair was air-dried in the before picture, making it wavier


I've found the perfect product to create natural looking highlights at home with SunIn. It's very fast and easy to use with just a blow dryer, it's affordable, doesn't damage my hair, and it creates the sun-kissed effect I love. Anyone with blonde to medium brown hair can use it!

Where to buy?

SunIn is easy to find at Walmart and comes in two different scents, Lemon Fresh and Tropical Breeze (both scents are light and pleasant).

This post was sponsored by the PRIMP network. All opinions are my own, bringing you honest reviews is my number 1 priority.

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