#French Friday : Guerlain Intense Liquid Matte Lipstick Review

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Last post in our "new liquid matte lipsticks by French brands for fall 2017" series! Today we're looking at Guerlain's version, the Intense Liquid Matte Lipstick. Guerlain doesn't launch new lipstick formulas very often so I was pretty excited to get my hands on it. Does it live up to the brand's reputation? Let's find out!

First, let's talk about the packaging. How classy is this tube? It's rectangular with rounded sides and an ombré effect that reveals the color of the lipstick at the bottom and fades into black at the top. Always count on Guerlain to make beautifully designed products!

The applicator is on the shorter side, flat and rectangular, and I find it easy to maneuver for clean edges. The texture of the Intense Liquid Matte is mousse-y and surprisingly lightweight. It applies evenly with opaque coverage in one swipe (I know it swatches streaky but I really don't have this problem on the lips). I get a light floral scent from the tube, but I can't smell it on my lips.

Once applied, the lipstick dries down to what I would describe as a "mostly matte" finish. It's matte, but not a flat, powdery matte. More like a natural matte with a very subtle satin sheen when the light hits your lips. It's much more flattering and comfortable than a powdery matte finish, so I'm not surprised a lot of high-end brands choose this finish for their matte lipsticks.

Guerlain's Intense Liquid Matte feels rather comfortable on the lips, but I do find it slightly drying over time. At the end of the day, if I haven't applied balm after lunch, my lips will be flakey. It doesn't look dry on though, it makes my lip lines a little more obvious but it doesn't turn my lips into old prunes like some truly drying formulas.

I find the wear pretty good and typical for this type of high-end formula: it transfers a bit in the beginning, but it stays put unless I eat a full meal. When it fades, it does so evenly and without flaking.

A word about the shades: at this time there are only 7 shades of Intense Liquid Matte to choose from, where both YSL and Dior launched their new liquid lipsticks in dozens of colors. The existing shades, however, are all beautiful, pigmented and suitable for most skin tones.

The one I bought is called M06 Charming Beige, and it's the lightest and most neutral shade in the range. I bought it online sight unseen and I was a little concerned that it would be too light, but it's definitely not. It's a rich, deep nude with warm undertones that would also work very well on medium to deep skin tones. Of all liquid lipsticks I've purchased recently, this is probably my favorite shade. It's very wearable with any day look yet it has enough depth to look elegant rather than just nude.

full face motd fotd wearing
Wearing Guerlain Intense Liquid Matte Lipstick in Charming Beige


Another beautiful liquid matte formula with a flattering, natural finish and beautiful colors, although the choice of shades is limited. I absolutely recommend Charming Beige if you are on the market for an everyday neutral that won't wash you out.

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