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diamond tennis bracelet

Are diamonds a girl's best friend? I'd say that's cats, but hey maybe that's just me. What I can't deny is the strange attraction that these shiny gemstones cause when you see them refract the light. My precious!

As tempting as they are, however, I've always found shopping for quality jewelry to be an awkward and rather uncomfortable experience. When I enter a jewelry store, I just don't feel like I belong. I feel judged, as if the sales people where estimating the cost of my outfit to see if I can really afford what they want to sell to me so they can get the highest possible commission. It's probably in my head (mostly), but that's a big reason why I don't shop for jewelry for myself. For others, I can force myself if it's a special occasion, but if it's for me, I just don't want to endure the negative feelings. But why shouldn't I buy myself a treat when I want to? #girlboss

That's where online shopping solves all my problems. I already shop online for almost everything, from beauty to clothes, and when San Diego-based Anjolee contacted me, I discovered that I could treat myself to a beautiful piece of jewelry without having to leave my couch, no judgemental sales person involved!

Anjolee is not just a retailer, the company has been a well-known manufacturer of quality jewelry operating in California since the 1970's. Because they manufacture all the jewelry they sell, they offer you the ability to customize everything, from the type of metal to the diamond and gemstone quality and of course the total carat weight..

I played with the diamond bracelet design tool to customize my bracelet, and I found it very useful. Not only can you choose from a ton of different styles to start with, you can fully customize your piece, so it will really reflect your personal taste and, also important, stay within your budget. Whether you select white gold or platinum, standard diamond or top quality, the final price varies by a lot, and you can see the cost for each option on the website. They also have educational guides to help you understand diamonds so you know exactly what you are buying, and even printable charts so you can find your size for rings and bracelets - I used that and the length of my bracelet is perfect!


Whether you want to treat yourself with a beautiful piece of jewelry or are looking for a gift for a loved one, Anjolee is a good place to shop. Their online store allows you to fully customize your order with easy-to-use tools so you can create your dream piece at the right price for you.

This post was sponsored by Anjolee. All opinions are my own.

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