#FrenchFriday : A Safe Summer Glow With Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanning

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self-tanner eau lactee auto-bronzante for face neck decollete

Clarins Liquid Bronze is one of these cult products that have been around for ages, that I've been wanting to try for years, but never found a good reason to buy - until now. There was a sale (there's always a sale) and I've noticed that my skin is noticeably lighter since I did a couple IPL sessions to erase redness and sun spots on my face,  so some of my favorite foundations have become too dark for my complexion. Yup IPL works, at least on sun damage, let me know if you want to read about my experience. Anyways, I thought a self-tanner for the face sounded like a good idea to give me a sunkissed look without the dangers of sun exposure, so the Liquid Bronze finally found its way to mama.

I don't know exactly when the Liquid Bronze was created by French skincare brand Clarins, but I've been hearing good things about it since I started researching beauty products online, more than 10 years ago. See, despite all the new launches that have become so frequent on the beauty market that they cause frustration rather than excitement, a winning formula doesn't age. It gained its excellent reputation at least a decade ago, and it's still a top-rated product today.

The Liquid Bronze Self Tanning is called Eau Lactée Auto-Bronzante in French, which translates literally as "self-tanning milky water", a perfect description of the product's texture. It feels like a light lotion, very fresh and gentle on the skin. I find it nicely moisturizing, in fact I can skip my moisturizer when I apply it in the evening (which is when I prefer to use it). It doesn't make my skin greasy or sticky, but it provides a nice bit of hydration, and dries down quickly to leave my face very soft.

It is meant to be applied with a cotton pad: you dispense a bit of lotion on your cotton and spread it over your face, neck and decollete. The idea is that this method of application is fool-proof, allowing you to apply the same, even amount of self-tanner everywhere, thus avoiding streaky or blotchy results. It is indeed very easy, although I feel like I'm using quite a bit of product, since the cotton inevitably absorbs some.

avis eau lactee auto-bronzante

I was worried about the scent, bracing for the classic self-tanner chemical odor, but the Liquid Bronze actually smells really, really good. It's a light but slightly sweet scent, and it's subtle enough that I have a hard time describing it. It does linger on the skin a bit though, and my husband once told me that my face smelled nice (that has to be the ultimate test for a self-tanner!).

The tan it creates is subtle, as Clarins describes it, and gradual. It took me about 3 days of consecutive application to get to a nice golden glow. The color is incredibly natural, not orange in the least! It looks really beautiful on, and as the brand claims, no one could tell that you have a faux tan. It fades within a couple days and I just need to start re-applying for the sunkissed shade to come back. If you prefer a more intense, deep bronze result, Clarins also has a concentrated version.

flat lay eau lactee auto-bronzante avis self-tanner face tan


If you want a natural looking golden tan without exposing your skin to damaging UVs, Clarins Liquid Bronze is a great solution. It's easy and pleasant to use, feels good on the skin, and gradually develops into a very natural color. I'm glad I finally tried it, it's sure to become a staple in my beauty routine!

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