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Dior was the first high-end French brand that I discovered when I started my journey down the makeup rabbit hole (bottomless, but filled with glitter), and I've always been really fond of their lipsticks. Naturally I have to try every single new formula that they launch - I would feel almost guilty if I didn't - so I picked their newly released Lip Tattoo, although I've never been a fan of lip stains. Did Dior manage to make me change my mind? Let's find out!

The Lip Tatto comes in a classic rectangular tube, but instead of being transparent as usual, it's the color of the product inside, with a silver cap. It has a rather small, slanted doe-foot applicator that works well to draw precise edges.

What surprised me most the first time I used it was how runny it is. It's basically a liquid, and by that I mean a watery liquid, not a creamy fluid formula like most matte liquid lipsticks for example. It feels fresh during application and incredibly light on the lips due to its barely there texture.

lip stain ink tint

The watery consistency means that it's not 100% opaque. There a bit of transparency, so it can be a little bit uneven if I'm not careful. It's nothing major, but I need to make sure that I apply the same amount to my upper and my lower lip, otherwise one half of my mouth may be darker and brighter than the other.

Talking about the color, the shade I bought, Natural Cherry is a beautiful, saturated, vibrant pure color. It's the kind of color that brightens the whole face: a reddish fuchsia pink with warm undertones, and right after application it's rather bold. I wish it stayed that way...

Swatch natural cherry pink rosewood berry
Swatches of all shades of Dior Lip Tattoo available in the US
Europe also has a Coral and a Beige

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the Lip Tattoo is not what Dior promises. The brand claims that the formula "fuses with the lips" to become a "no-transfer lip tint that stains the lips" for "10-hour kiss-proof" wear. That is very far from my experience, unfortunately.

First, unlike other lip tints and stains I have used in the past, it leaves a slightly wet layer on the lips. That coat sets, but it never fully dries, so it transfers quite a bit. I still have some transfer on my tea mug several hours after application. See those pink lips on the postcard in the picture below? Well, they're mine, and I kissed the paper several minutes after application.

And the big bummer, I found the long-wear claim to be completely inaccurate. On me Lip Tattoo wears about 3-4 hours, which is similar to classic lipstick, and nothing but a very, very faint, barely visible stain survives a meal. That's really not what I would call a "tattoo", and it's very far from the 10-hour promise.

On the bright side, the Lip Tattoo is absolutely not drying, which is the main reason I usually hate lip stains. It's very comfortable to wear and does not emphasize existing dryness. And it does have a "bare-lips" sensation. So there's that.

lipstick lipgloss


The Lip Tattoo is not a bad product, but it really doesn't live up to Dior's claims of a long-wearing lip tint. Not sure what happened here, but what the brand promises is simply not what I experienced. I will keep using Natural Cherry because the color is absolutely beautiful, but I wouldn't recommend it if you are looking for a lip color that lasts all day!

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