#FrenchFriday : Lancome Juicy Shaker, a Story in Black and White

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Today's #FrenchFriday post is going to be short and sweet - very sweet indeed - as I just want to show you my new toys: two new Juicy Shakers by Lancôme, in black Liquorisky and white Snow-Tilly. Let's take a look!

If you've been here before you probably know that I love the Juicy Shakers, Lancôme's cute mini cocktail shakers that contain a mix of lip oil and pigment. I've reviewed the Shakers shortly after their first release (see my post here) but here's why I'm so fond of them in a few words: they're so darn adorable, they're completely unique, the velvety applicator is delightful, the oil is light as air and gives a nice shine, and they're very comfortable. But mostly, they're just really fun. They're a great way to make my beauty routine more entertaining, and as you can see they inspired me to play with candy!

So when Lancôme released a handful of new shades a couple months ago, I was pretty excited! The new launch included a neon green, gold, yellow, and some bright pinks, but I decided to pick up the more unique shades: the white and the black.

Liquorisky is not really black, it's made of anthracite and silver sparkles suspended in oil with a subtle black tint. It's very pretty in its little shaker, with a kind of starry night effect. It's very sheer on the lips, but it will darken their natural color a little bit (or darken another lip product that you wear underneath) with a hint of grey, while the sparkles and shiny finish make the lips look ultra-glossy. The grey tint on my naturally rosy lips translates into a touch of berry. The scent is sweet but has a bit of spicy licorice to it as well. And the shade name brings the liquor back into these cocktail shakers!

Snow-Tilly consists of white pearl and pink micro-shimmer floating in clear oil. The shimmer is much finer than Liquorisky's sparkles, and creates a subtle pink shift. Snow-Tilly is even sheerer than the other one, coating the lips with a shiny, glossy finish and making them look just a little bit rosy because of the pink pearl. To me this one smells like vanilla cake frosting!

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Both shades are very pleasant to wear on their own for simple shiny lips, or as a topper over lipsticks to add a little shimmery twist. Are they products you couldn't live without? Nope. But if cute and fun objects put a smile on your face, I bet you'd love them too!

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