#FrenchFriday : Klorane and the Magic Cornflower

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review Klorane makeup remover floral water smoothing and relaxing patches

Klorane is best known in the US as a hair care brand, especially for their cult dry shampoo (I reviewed all 3 versions recently), but they do more than that. You might be surprised to learn that besides your mane, Klorane also wants to take care of your eyes, armed with their magic ingredient, cornflower. What the heck am I talking about? Let's find out!

Cornflower isn't the bloom of the corn plant, but a delicate blue flower that grows as a weed in cultivated fields - or it did before the intensive use of herbicides... Not only is it an edible flower, it's also used as a natural remedy for irritated eyes.

I used to have horrible pollen allergies as a kid that only affected my eyes: no sneezing or congested nose, but my eyes were so itchy I would lose it and scratch like crazy, resulting in red, inflamed, puffy eyes. I was a lovely kid. Anyways, my mom would dab natural cornflower water on my irritated eyelids to calm the itchiness. I kept doing that until I left France. I would buy organic cornflower water, keep it in the fridge, soak cotton balls with it, and put them on my eyes for 5-10 min whenever my eyes felt puffy, irritated or tired. I was so upset to discover that cornflower water is not a thing here when I moved to the US!

Luckily, Klorane has a whole line of cornflower infused eye makeup removers, wipes and patches, specifically formulated for sensitive eyes and skin. The soothing, calming effect of cornflower is wonderful on allergic eyes like mine!

First, let's talk about the Makeup Remover Water. It's not called "micellar water" but it works the same way: it's a 3-in-1 cleanser, makeup remover and toner for the eyes and face. This is the most gentle cleansing water I've ever tried! It does a good job at removing light makeup such as concealer, powder and non-waterproof mascara, but if you have a full face of high coverage longwear foundation, it's obviously not going to be enough.

As a second step cleanser or for the morning though, it is absolutely perfect for sensitive skin. It leaves my face feeling fresh, clean, plump and soft, it doesn't irritate my skin or eyes at all, nor does it dry them out or cause my redness to flare up. It just feels so good on the skin! Big bonus: this fragrance-free formula naturally smells like wild cornflowers, it's a very subtle floral scent that I love. And the big bottle actually comes with a pump.

And then there were the Smoothing and Relaxing Patches. Let me tell you something you don't want to know about aging, girls. The first areas where you'll see the ravages of time are the eyes and the jawline. I have yet to find something that really helps fight gravity around the jaw, but eye patches are great way to boost hydration under the eyes.

These patches are really mess-free: they're a gel texture that sticks well to the skin and doesn't move or drip, so you can move around when you have them on. They're really refreshing and soothing for tired or puffy eyes and they leave the area nicely hydrated. One thing to note: at $24 for 7 pairs, they're a lot cheaper than the Sephora brand eye masks ($5 a pair)!

Besides these two products, Klorane's Soothing Cornflower range also includes makeup removing wipes, eye makeup remover, with one version for waterproof makeup and even a BB cream.


If you have reactive eyes you would definitely benefit from the soothing effect of cornflower! I totally recommend Klorane's Makeup Remover Water to anyone with sensitive eyes and skin, just use something more potent to remove waterproof or longwear makeup. The Smoothing and Relaxing Patches are wonderfully refreshing for irritated, puffy eyes and help moisturize the area.

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