#FrenchFriday : Lancome's new Matte Shaker is the Juicy Shaker's grown up cousin

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After the success of their fun and playful Juicy Shaker last year, Lancôme just launched Matte Shaker, a new version of their popular mini cocktail shaker for the lips, this time containing a liquid matte lipstick. Is it just a gimmicky product or is it worth your hard earned money? Let's find out!

First of all, let me be clear: the Matte Shaker has absolutely nothing in common with the Juicy Shaker, except for the packaging. So if you disliked the Juicy Shaker because the lip oil it contained was very sheer, didn't find it hydrating enough, or what not, don't throw the Matte Shaker with the bath water. It's completely different and well worth a look! To better understand the comparison between the two, you should take a look at my review of the Juicy Shaker from last year.

Where its older cousin the Juicy Shaker came in a plethora of shades with corresponding flavors, the Matte Shaker comes in a limited range of 7 shades, from neutral to bright pink, with an orange and some reds as well. UPDATE: Lancome launched 20 more shades for fall 2017! I bought shade 270 Beige Vintage, which is a bold warm rose on my lips - nothing very beige about that color! Swatched next to the other shades I can see where the name comes from, but it's really more colorful and intense than "Beige Vintage" would suggest.

I loved the Juicy's strong scents but I know they could offend sensitive noses. If that was your case, rejoice, the Matte Shaker is only very lightly scented with a hint of vanilla - at least that's what my nose detects. The different shades also don't have different flavors, so the main gimmicky aspect of the Juicy Shaker is not present here.

The packaging of the Matte Shaker is the same as the Juicy Shaker's except that the top is black instead of silver. It's amazing how such a small detail can make a huge difference. From fun and playful, the shaker becomes classy and elegant. Just look at the photo on the very top: which version are you intrigued about? Which one would you instinctively go for? For me it's clearly the Matte Shaker in its black outfit. There's something Chanel-esque about it, where black = luxurious.

We could talk about the psychological impact of packaging colors all day, but let's focus on the main difference between the new Matte Shaker and the previous version. Juicy Shaker, as its name indicates, delivers juicy, shiny, liquidy color that goes from clear to semi-sheer and translucent depending on the shade. The Matte Shaker, in that regard, is the exact opposite: it provides creamy color coverage that is opaque in one swipe. The pigmentation and intensity of all the shades are truly amazing! It's like the Juicy Shaker graduated from Pantone university. Don't get me wrong, I love the Juicy to pieces, but sometimes I want to have pure color on my lips. Just compare the two photos below: first, swatches of all the Matte Shakers, then a few of the Juicy Shakers.

Swatch Yummy Pink Magic Orange Red'y in 5 Beige Vintage Energy in Peach Kiss Me Cherie Pink Power

Lancome Juicy Shaker swatches

I wasn't sure how the plush cone-shaped applicator would work to apply such a pigmented lip product, but I was pleasantly surprised by the ease of use. The rounded tip makes it easy to draw the contours of my lips and the velvety material is dense enough that the edge is perfectly clean. I'm able to get crisper edges with this than with the Too Faced Melted liquid lipstick, for example. When you shake the little vial, enough product gets on the tip of the applicator for one use, I've never had to re-dip due to the high coverage.

The formula feels great, it's lightweight, non-sticky, very comfortable on the lips, and not drying at all. It feels really creamy while I apply it, but it doesn't have the heavy slip that very cream liquid lipsticks can have. Again I'll compare it to Too Faced Melted, although the Matte Shaker is more fluid in the beginning.

Now talking about the finish: I know this is called Matte Shaker, but don't expect a flat, wall paint-like matte result. I would describe the finish as more of a soft satin, which becomes more matte as it starts wearing off. The formula never really dries down and doesn't set like more matte liquid lipsticks do, so it transfers a lot. If you expect something like a ColourPop or Anastasia liquid lipstick, this is probably not it. But that's what makes it so comfortable to wear: no drying means your lips won't feel like they're shrinking and it won't suck the moisture out of them.

Plus, despite the heavy transfer on my tea mugs, the wear time is still pretty good at 3-4 hours. It really takes a meal for the color to disappear. And when it does, it fades evenly and elegantly: no ring on the outer edge, no flaking, no bleeding. I'll have to compare the formula to Too Faced Melted lipstick again: it looks and wears quite similarly, although the formula is thinner and wetter to start with.

Wearing Beige Vintage fotd motd lip swatch full face
Wearing Lancome Matte Shaker in Beige Vintage


Lancome's new Matte Shaker has a lot going for it: fancy packaging, high-impact shades in a very pigmented yet comfortable, non-drying formula, and a decent wear, despite heavy transfer. If you gave up on the Juicy Shaker because you found the shades too sheer, the Matte Shaker is definitely worth a try! If you're looking for a true matte liquid lipstick, just be aware that the finish here is more satiny. And finally, if you're a fan of the Too Faced Melted formula, I think you'd really enjoy this one as they have a lot in common.

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