#FrenchFriday : juicy, soft lips with new YSL Volupte Tint-in-Balm

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I love a bold matte or metallic lip like any other beauty enthusiast, but let's be real: for everyday looks I need a low maintenance, slap-it-on kind of lipstick that requires as little time and effort as possible. And it's even better if it can keep my chronically chapped lips moisturized throughout the day. Does Yves Saint Laurent's new Volupté Tint-in-Balm fit the bill? Let's find out!

YSL has been slowly revamping their Volupté line of lip products over the past couple of years, and after the Tint-in-Oil and Oil-in-Stick, here comes the brand new variation, the Tint-in-Balm (what's next, the Oil-in-Balm-in-Tint?). Don't let the lame name fool you, this newborn tinted lip balm has everything that makes YSL lip products top quality and so addictive.

First, there's the packaging: a heavy silver metallic tube, with an intricate central ring showing the color of the lip balm inside under the YSL logo. It looks and feels luxurious, as you would expect from a high-end brand. And with a price tag of $34 for a lip balm, the tube better be pretty! I think it's the exact same tube as the now discontinued Volupté Sheer Candy, and although I don't have any official confirmation I believe the Tint-in-Balm is actually replacing the Candy (you can still find it at some retailers).


When you open the tube, you discover a fun detail: the balm has a pink core shaped like lips that goes through the stick, supposed to contain the nourishing ingredients that will keep your lips moisturized. I think it looks rather cute!

lip shape core

YSL promises a "hint of tint" and "glowing sheer color" and that's what you get, so pick your shade wisely: the more nude or pale, the more transparent it will look. Some shades look almost clear, while the darker and brighter ones do provide a pop of color to the lips. Take a look at the swatches below: I wasn't able to label the shades because, as you can see, many look quite similar and some are very sheer. If you want visible color, I would suggest going to a store to swatch the shades and choose one that contains enough pigment for your liking.

swatches all shades

I picked shade 4 Desire Me Pink, described as a bright watermelon fuchsia, which is perfectly accurate. This particular shade is nicely pigmented and layers well, so I can get a translucent yet vibrant result in 3-4 swipes. I would say that this shade delivers as much color as the Volupté Oil-in-Stick, which is supposed to be a lipstick (I gave a quick review of it here). Desire Me Pink looks rather cool when I swatch it, but the warmth of my natural lip color shows through, making it a much warmer shade on me. The finish is very glossy with a good level of shine.

4 desire me pink

As soon as the stick touches your lips, you can feel the product melting on contact. It's a very emollient balm with a slippery consistency that feels very much like an oil. It applies easily and evenly, even when I layer it to intensify the color, and it doesn't show lines when I press my lips together. Although it feels like a thin oil, it doesn't feel greasy, sticky or heavy. It's actually very lightweight, I don't feel like my lips are coated with a waxy balm at all.

wearing desire me pink shade 4 fotd full face motd
Wearing YSL Volupte Tint-in-Balm in
shade 4 Desire Me Pink

YSL says that the Tint-in-Balm features a signature pomegranate scent, but to me it smells exactly like the rest of the Volupté line, which I always heard was mango. Who knows. Anyways, it's a strong exotic fruit scent that could really turn off people with a sensitive nose. I personally don't like it much, but it doesn't really linger too long after application and I don't detect a taste besides mild sweetness.

The best thing about the Tint-in-Balm for me is how nourishing and comfortable it is, despite feeling so lightweight. I have very dry lips all year round, and they feel soft, plump and fully moisturized when I wear it. Even after several hours, I can still feel a thin layer of nourishing balm on my lips. I just need to reapply it a couple times to have comfortable, healthy lips all day! Reapplying also builds up a color stain that becomes stronger every time, so by the end of the day when the shine is gone, I still have a very visible pink tint on my lips.


If you like a good tinted lip balm and are ready to fork $30+ on it, I think the new Volupté Tint-in-Balm will not disappoint. It's very nourishing, has a lightweight texture, and provides a nice hint of translucent color. Just be sure to test the shades before buying to pick one that shows up on your lips!

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